Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: August 29 to September 4


Mist and Sea with Sir @ The Toff in Town

Mist and Sea have an open relationship. Vince, after all, used to get around as Underground Lovers, the defunct dreampop pioneers; and is now also with an interesting project called Raining Ropes. Jason and Cailan are Pretty Boy Crossover, sometimes even with Vince; but are non-exclusive, as they also gad about in places like School of Two and Mystery Twin. Spreading the love, I guess.

Good for us, though, regardless of the health implications. We get a good little album like Unless, and a strange three-week residency at The Toff; the first time they've done this since opening six months ago. It's a nice venue (despite the booze prices), with a gorgeous sound system well suited to trio's sound; layered, dreamy, but with Vince's soaring vocals indie-popping the folktronic swirl. Have a listen to Gestapo, at their myspace. Track of the month, at least.

And then there's Sir (Jesse Shepherd). Possibly the funniest man in Melbourne music, or the most heartbroken. Or both? On new record The Brando Room his dour, funereal and sleazy Lynchian chants charter the territory of a middle aged divorcee with the dry wit of a seasoned comic. Shephered delivers some killer lines but like any good black comedy, at its heart the material is so goddam depressing you have to question yourself whether it is really that funny.

Dave + Pat


Baseball with Kes + Bang! Bang! Aids! @ Northcote Social Club

I’ll be upfront at the start. I’m not a fan of anything that could be described as hardcore. Not that I despise it or anything. Just never felt the need to attend a gig, or wouldn’t really know when I would listen to it. Maybe when I’m really pissed off...? (Am I stereotyping too much here???)

But I am a big fan of the new Pikelet record, and as you probably know, the woman behind Pikelet, Evelyn Morris drums in some hardcore bands. One of which is Baseball, who have just returned to Melbourne after a couple of months in Europe and the USA.

I’m unlikely to start becoming a Baseball fan because of Evelyn Morris. Clearly that would taking fandom into the realm of obsessive. But, the contrast in styles between her musical projects is so significant it’s almost enough to get me along to this gig. Is she as placid as she is in her Pikelet persona, or does Baseball transform her into an angry and ferocious snare smasher?

Loopy and fracturured avant-garde psych from Kes and screamy art-rock from Bang! Bang! Aids! as support.


The Double Agents with The Ukeladies + Schvendes (WA) + Mike Noga and his Gentlemen of Fortune @ The Tote

If you're not into that other weak indie rubbish, rock it up at The Tote with this one. Bring your mates, your girl, your ole man, your hick cousins from the bush. If they like their Friday night tunes raw and dirty they'll all love it. A bit country, a bit soul, a bit punk, a bit garage, but at its heart The Double Agents just play cranking and rollicking Stonesy rock n roll. Tonight they'l be launching a single of their new album Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time.


The Lovetones (NSW) + Belles Will Ring (NSW) with Jarvis @ East Brunswick Club

One of my favourite live performances from an Aussie band this year has been Belles Will Ring @ The Toff just over a month ago. Prior to this gig I enjoyed their smooth jangly yet earnest psychedelically coolness both on their consistent debut Mood Patterns and also as a support act in a gig in Sydney, but neither the record or their live performance got me abnormally excitable.

But, their show at the Toff far exceeded my prior expectations. Their shimmering and swirling acidic tunes had an extra oomph and groove which I failed to hear before. I actually even felt like dancing.

At this week’s gig, Belles Will Ring make the trip down South again, this time as a double headline act with The Lovetones. I don’t know much about them, but from an initial listen they sound a little like BWR. If their performance is half as good as the Belles, this will be a great gig.

The first support is Melbourne's Garage to V entrants, barely post-adolescent stoner rockers Jarvis.


Portable Film Festival Party with Little Red + Tic Toc Tokyo @ Roxanne

Both Little Red and Tic Toc Tokyo have been written about before on ATR so to prevent us sounding like a broken record follow the links on this site and read what we’ve said in the past if you want something of a preview here.

If you’re up for a Friday drink and a dance then this gig should be great. But even though both these bands are good (especially Little Red of course), this gig will inevitably be more about the atmosphere and the party rater than the music so probably of interest to some more than others.



Icecream Hands with Abby Dobson + The Wellingtons @ East Brunswick Club

We've written about these Melbourne lads before; speaking of this year's album,The Good China - it was about the guitars, the stories, the hooks, the harmonies. Then there was a sweet-rockin' everyone-on-form Northcote Social Club show which left me all warm and gooey inside on a cold night.

And now it's best part of three months later - winter's almost over - a melbourne-gorgeous power-pop spring stretches ahead - and that's where these boys fit in. See them if you like indie guitars played well, if you like old-school harmonies joining classic old-school hooks behind some magic lyrics, mostly from the pen of Mr Chuck Jenkins. See them if you like an assured yet endearing performance or if you like to rock. But most of all see them for that crescendo - In the Back Seat of a Stolen Car - it's still right up the top of my songs of the year.

(And you gotta get there in time for The Wellingtons; they'll kick off your power-pop spring like nothin' else; just the catchiest and best pop songs out there right now; Goodbye Heartbreaker; I'll be the embarrassing fanboy up the front singing all the words and air-guitaring all the hooks.)


The Lucksmiths with The Smallgoods + Hand Hell (duo) @ The Corner

The Lucksmiths have a new record out, Spring Leak, a double CD collection of B-sides, live recordings, remixes covers and alternate versions and anything else which isn’t available on an album. Amazingly, there is no crossover between either of their other compilation releases, Happy Secret and Where Were We? !!!

Thanks to the songwriting of Marty Donald – tuneful, literate and insightful about relationships, Melbourne life, and of course, the weather – The Lucksmiths always deliver a suburb’s worth of hummable witty and melodic gems. I’m sure that a big chunk of the massive 45 tracks here will be no different. Having said that, with 45 tracks I reckon there'll be a fair chunk of filler as well.

Live, The Lucksmiths rarely disappoint also, usually minus the additional horns, stings and backing voices which pop up on record, but still sounding as sweet as pickles, and full of impromptu gags. But, a plea to you if you are going. Please don’t sing along to T-Shirt Weather. Tali sounds much, much better than you.


Oliver Mann @ The Afterdark

An Ollie Mann gig is an experience like none other on the Melbourne music scene. Ollie - the brother of Grand Salvo's Paddy - is the proud possessor of what he calls an operatically-trained bass voice - but which to me sounds more like about five octaves of whisky-smooth tones and curly intonation - one of Melbourne's natural wonders right there.

And without his brother's beard to hide behind, Ollie has to resort to old-fashioned charisma to hold a room. And the voice. It can fill a room, end to end, without a mike; and Ollie can hold the stage, side to side, without any other performers. He drags you into his whimsical world of baroque tales, half-speaking, then hits you with a note so big and pure it dislodges all air from your lungs, all thoughts from your brain, all tension from your muscles. The Afterdark is the perfect little space for this man to stalk, majestically.

Interesting support, too, from Extreme Wheeze and the Nasty Coughs and E-Wah Lady.



Adam Said Galore (WA) + Bum Creek + Extreme Wheeze + Josh Armistead @ East Brunswick Club

Veteran indie rock band from Perth make it over here prior to the release of their debut single of their new album. I haven't seen many promos for this gig and it is a Sunday night so it could be a bit empty but there's a reasonable lineup here so it also could be the highlight of your weekend. I have to admit I don't know much about the headline act, but I like what I've heard so far so it's a bit of a smoky for me.


Batrider + Pikelet + Alex Jarvis @ Manchester Lane

The week before last New-Zealand cum Melbourne art-grungers, Batrider, launched their new album Tara at Gertrudes. On Sunday night, it is their turn to launch the second disc on the CD, the acoustic, Pink Guitars Yellow Stars.

Similar to Magic Dirt with the release of their noise album Roky’s Room a few months back, no one can doubt that Batrider have challenged themselves by releasing material that lays outside the boundaries of their typically volatile sound. While ‘having a go’ may not actually translate into successful results, it is an interesting enough diversion, and one that may help them to find a new batch of fans.


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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: August 22 to August 28

It's a bit of a different approach this week. See what you think...

1. The Brunettes @ East Brunswick Club, Saturday

SubPop always maintain a pretty cool roster of bands all across the indie spectrum, and right now it is no different, with great acts like The Shins, Loney Dear, Iron and Wine and Band of Horses on the books. (Incidentally, another SubPop band Shout Out Louds are at the Corner on Friday). One of SubPop's latest signings, breezy and intricate girl-boy pop duo The Brunettes, are here in Melbourne this weekend from across the Tasman, touring in support of their new record, Structure and Cosmetics. I haven’t heard this record in full but the songs I’ve heard have impressed me so I’m keen to seen them live.

This gig will also be a good chance to also hear Melbourne harmony popsters The Smallgoods who have just released their 2nd album Down on the Farm through Lost and Lonesome. But don’t stress if you can’t make it because they've scheduled more gigs later this month including an album launch on September 28.

Who: The Brunettes (NZ) + The Smallgoods + The Rise and Demise
When: Saturday, 8pm
Where: The East Brunswick Club
How Much: $15+bf

2. Love of Diagrams @ The Tote, Friday

After signing to Matador Records about a year ago Love of Diagrams became Melbourne's latest major indie export. But it’s not all hype, their urgent and jerky no-wave style produces some great tracks. Their album of this year Mosaic has been given a good rotation on my CD player over the last few month, Monika Fikerle is a extremely accomplished drummer, and the low end bass and distressing shriek of Antonia Sellbach gives the music a pretty distinct and harrowing texture.

They are pretty good live act too. If I had any criticisms though I would say they are a bit too one-paced and don’t engage with the audience enough. I personally think they should do a short set ala My Disco. Definitely worth catching though if you haven’t seen them before.

Who: Love of Diagrams + Panel of Judges + St Helens + Straight Arrows (NSW)
When: Friday, 8:30
Where: The Tote
How Much: $10+bf

3. Mercy Arms @ Northcote Social Club, Friday

This one’s all about the hype. Mercy Arms were on Capitol Records before being being dropped when they shed lots of acts late last year. They got a very positive live review in mess and noise last week, but when I saw them a few months back I thought they were pretty meh. Stylish post-punk but energetic, screamy, and quite theatrical. Of course it was much more polished than what you'd usually get for about ten bucks, but forgive me for sounding like I'm 65 years old, I found them a bit too noisy, and it was hard to see how there could be such a buzz around them.

Ghostwood are a recent Modular signing, also from Sydney and have just released a new EP. I haven’t seen them, but they’re also of the post-punk ilk.

I assume this gig will pull a great crowd so local art-rockers Bachelor of Arts who have just released an EP have been lucky enough to score the other support slot.

Who: Mercy Arms (NSW) + Ghostwood (NSW) + Bachelor of Arts
When: Friday, 8:30
Where: Northcote Social Club
How Much: $10+bf

4. The City on Film @ Northcote Social Club, Sunday

According to the Northcote Social Club website, The City on Film were one of the first emo bands. Don’t let that put you off though. For starters the first wave of emo was pretty different to the newer stuff. More intelligent lyrics, catchier tunes . See Sunny Day Real Estate for instance.

The second reason why this gig interests, are the local supports. I’m a big fan of melodic and heartfelt acoustic country pop group The Small Knives. I caught them last week at the Toff, and their new tunes of their soon-to-be released second record Smoke and Mirrors sounded pretty sweet. We’ve rabbited on all year about the other support - Pikelet.

Who: The City On Film + The Small Knives + Pikelet
Where: Northcote Social Club
When: Sunday 8pm
How Much: $15

5. Ned Collette @ Manchester Lane, Thursday

Ned’s back from his tour overseas with Joanna Newsom, has got a band now, and a new album coming out soon.

If you’ve seen him before it will be interesting not only to hear Ned’s new songs but also to see how he integrates his loopy delay pedal with a live band. If you haven’t, just enjoy the tunes of one of the finest contemporary musicians in this town.

Who: Ned Collette + Conway Savage + Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts
Where: Manchester Lane
When: Thursday, 8:30
How Much; $10

6. Francis Plagne - Album Launch @ The Toff, Friday

Francis Plagne’s acoustic guitar pop and introspective sound art didn’t grab me at all when I caught him a few months back at Cloud City. But, he’s only young so probably prone to some bad nights, and some good people with respectable opinions think he has got the goods. Make up your own mind at the Toff on Friday when Francis launches his self-titled debut record.

Who: Francis Plagne + Barrage + more
When: Friday, 8pm
Where: The Toff in Town
How Much: $10

7. Mach Pelican – Farewell Show @ The Tote, Saturday

Visa issues are the reported reason for this farewell gig from Japanese punk rockers Mach Pelican. This is their final ever show in this country after spending more than ten years here. I’m can’t remember when I’ve seen this band before, but from memory they were very entertaining. Could it have been on Hey Hey It’s Saturday? Maybe Recovery?

A wide range of support acts will join them for the final show including fun fun fun from The Spazzys who appear to have scored the support slot for Marilyn Manson (?) for his Melbourne show on his upcoming Australian tour.

Who: Mach Pelican + The Spazzys + The Volcanics (WA) + The Shimmys
Where: The Tote
When: Saturday
How Much: $12+bf

8. The Pictures - Album Launch @ The Toff, Saturday

With You Am I on temporary hiatus, Tim Rogers has recorded a solo album due out later this year, while guitarist Davey Lane turns his attention to The Pictures.

Earlier in the year when The Pictures supported Canadian power pop pioneers Sloan I thought they stacked up pretty well. While you are unlikely to uncover any musical surprises with The Pictures, it’s unprententious, hook laden three minute rock 'n roll done very well. As Davey says on their myspace about the new record:

‘If it pisses off the 'mess and noise' types (which is probably a given anyway) we will know we have carried out the task at hand with GREAT SUCCESS!’

For everyone else, this gig’s destined not to disappoint.

Who: The Pictures + Chuck Jenkins
Where: The Toff in Town
When: Saturday 8pm
How Much: $12

9. 4x4: Four myspace songs from four bands @ The Tote, Thursday

Myspace has certainly been a useful tool for musos and music fans alike. For the artists it provides an wider opportunity to be heard, and cheaper way to promote. For fans it is amazing resource for learning and discovering new artists. In all likelihood this site would have struggled to get off the ground without its existence.

The theme of Thursday’s gig at the Tote illustrates the important role of myspace in the local music scence. Four local artists, Humansixbillion (composer of the soundtrack for new budget feature film Burke and Wills), Seagull, It’s So F**king Great to Be Alive and Touch Typist each will play the four songs they have posted on their myspace sites. Nothing more, nothing less.

Us Rooftoppers have never seen any of these guys live. I could post my initial thoughts after listening to each of their myspace tracks, but, instead I’ll let you guys follow the links and make your on mind up.

Who: Humansixbillion + Seagull + Touch Typist + It's So Fucking Great To Be Alive
Where: The Tote
When: Thursday, 8:30pm
How Much: $5

10.Owls of the Swamp - Album Launch @ Gertrudes, Friday

Owls of the Swamp (Pete Uhlenbruch) was unearthed last year by Triple J. A single of his, Heart of the Mountain had some airplay, and now he is about to release his debut album Smoky Bay.

His tunes are quite mellow, mostly finger picked acoustic guitar but generate plenty of atmoshpere. A major stated influence is a trip to Iceland last year, also where he formed a friendship with Svavur Knutur, who is on a brief tour of Australia and a support for tonight.

This one’s a bit too quiet for me for a Friday night, but the guy definitely has talent so if you're up for something more sedate on Friday then check this gig out.

Who: Owls of the Swamp + Svavur Knutur (ICL) + Young Weather
When: Friday, 8pm
Where: Gertrudes Brown Couch
How Much: $8

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: August 15 to August 21


Three shows this weekend from Midnight Juggernauts to support their new debut full length release Dystopia. Two (Friday and Saturday), have already sold out so if haven’t got your tix yet, then it will have to be Sunday night. Reviewers have gone nuts about this album already, and if predictions are correct, it’s quite possible they could be spending a fair chunk of time in the Northern Hemisphere, so if you want to see them, it might be your last chance for a while. Might be a bit quieter too on Sunday which is an advantage if crowds aren’t really your thing...

Wednesday the 15th

The Bedroom Philosopher + Skipping Girl Vinegar
@The Empress, 9pm, $8

Et Al + Spun Rivals + Brilliant Fanzine
@The Tote, 8pm

Henry Wagons + Ned LaMarche-Jones
@The Standard, 9pm, free

The Orbweavers + Single Twin + Ildiko's Child

@Bar Open, 8pm, free

Thursday August the 16th

It's gotta be the Brother Sister album launch tonight. They're a great little artist run label making some really interesting sounds, and those sounds will be shown off to their full potential in that nice room upstairs at Gertrudes.

Brother Sister album launch
Inquiet + ii + Poland + Kharkov
@Gertrudes, 8pm, $6

Deloris + The Small Knives + Aleks and the Ramps
@The Toff, 8pm, $15

The Rise and Demise + Foxx on Fire + Clack Train
@Revolver Upstairs

The Scowlers + Bitch Slap (NSW) + Karate Party

Space Liar + John Flannigan

The Spoils
Edinburgh Castle, free

C'mon C'mon
Telecom + Dirty Pink Jeans+ Eurobeat 3
@The Evelyn, 8:30pm

Tom Woodward (ACT) + Svavur Knatur (ICL) + Owls of the Swamp

Friday the 17th

The Batrider album's out, and sounding good, as is one from The Dust. But how can you go past the first gig at the newly-changed-hands Old Bar - an Elvis Tribute, nonetheless! With some great varied bands, from Little Red to Henry Wagons, who we've plugged in these pages.

album launch
Batrider + Dave Graney + Pets With Pets
@Gertrudes, 8:30pm

C.W Stoneking (2 shows)
@The Toff, 7pm +10pm, $20+bf

album launch
Dust + The Orbweavers + Khancoban
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $10

Elvis tribute
Dollsquad + Little Red + The Auralees + Henry Wagons + The Sound Particles + Sid O’Neil (The Vasco Era)
@Old Bar, 8:30pm, $10

Humansixbillion + Denim Owl + Seagull + Morning and the Sleepy Kids + more

Jamie Robbie Reyne and the Paradise Three + Joni Lightning + Halfway + Potential Falcon
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, free

Midnight Juggernauts + Damn Arms + Young and Restless
@The Corner, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

Peeping Tom + Silver City Highway + Redfish
@NSC, 8:30pm, $12

Saturday the 18th

Very good lineup here at the Tote, but my money's on Winterfest, at Carni. It's not far north on High St and it'll be a great, friendly little gig, with some great Melbourne acts and art and all sorts of other things as well.

album launch
Actor/Model + Aleks and the Ramps + Kamikaze Trio + Barrage
@The Tote, 8:30pm

Bitchslap + The Scowlers + Ouch! My Face
@Old Bar, 9pm

album launch
British India + You Will Die Alone
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $12+bf

C.W Stoneking (2 shows)
@The Toff, 7pm +10pm, $20+bf

ep launch
In The City + Detective Social + Boy and Girl
@The Espy Gershwin Room, 8:30pm, $10

Jordie Lane + Halfway (QLD) + Gareth Eunson and the Graveyard Sons + The Spoils (duo)
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $10

Click Click
Learn the Splits + Antony of the Future (SA) + Lover (NSW)
@Brown Alley, 9pm, $14/$10

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra
@The Evelyn, 9pm

Midnight Juggernauts + Damn Arms + Young and Restless
@The Corner, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

Russian Roulettes
@Pony, 2am, free

East Timor Benefit Gig
The Spazzys + Legends of Motorsport + Midnight Woolf + Little Red + Good Intentions + one more
@FitzroyTown Hall, 2pm, $10

Light Music Club + Grand Salvo + Popolice + DJs
@Carni, 7pm, $10

Sunday the 19th

Just the rock at the Tote tonight, then?

C.W Stoneking
@The Toff, 7pm, $20+bf

Midnight Juggernauts + Damn Arms + Young and Restless
@The Corner, 8pm, $22+bf

Tote Doco Fundraiser
The Casanovas + Mustang + The Great Apes + The Tash Mints + Russian Roulettes
@The Tote, 5pm, $10

Tuesday the 21st

Matt Walker
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $7+bf

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Stuffwelikelive #2

A few months ago we made our first recommendation about great live local acts, and after seeing almost all again since, on reflection I'm pretty happy with our selections. I think The Basics and Wagons are two of the most the most entertaining local acts bar none, Pikelet has quickly gained a reputation for herself, while I'm confident dark horses Silver City Highway will start to impress a niche audience as they build up to their debut long player release of their stormy prog country crescendos.

Since then we've seen a bunch of good acts. Some like hipster neo-grungers Children Collide are signed to a major label and have national radio play, and have probably already been seen or are already known by most of you reading this post. Others such as Souls on Board, The Nation Blue and You Will Die Alone have been plugged here because of their studio recordings, but these bands have also been good enough to back up their talent with excellent live performances.

So for our second batch of recommendations we try not to focus on acts that have already established a reputation for themselves or we have already given a big plug on this site. Instead we try and recommend a new batch that took us by surprise or perhaps are lesser known on the Melbourne scene.

Emily Williams

Emily is a cellist…with a delay pedal. Her string plucks, body taps and bow glides are add layers of depth and shade to her moody compositions, but best of all is her soulful, seductive voice. It’s only used sparingly but it resonates like a sultry dub-like echo, reminding me of female voices in Wicked Beat Soundsystem or Moloko. Definitely enjoyed best at a quiet, intimate sit-down venue.

Emily Williams is performing at NGV late on Wednesday night until early October.

Et Al

Fierce dynamic art rock with a sharp pop sensibility. With shared vocal duties, bassy mix and flair for instrumental songs, Et Al are probably most comparable to Love of Diagrams out of any local band I’ve seen. But they have a stronger preference for structural variations and pacier blasts of guitar energy than a dedication to any distinct angular style. Given a few months of giggin’, and some decent audiences I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys start to rip it up live.

Et Al are playing a Wednesday residency in August at the Tote

James McCann

With his band The Dirty Skirts, James McCann plays a swaggering, reflective, outback Australian influenced blend of hard rock. As a solo artist (and sometimes with fellow Dirty Skirt, Jo Brockman) McCann’s music is an intimate and bluesy affair. While such a contrast would be beyond most artists, McCann is able to demonstrate his pure craftsmanship, paring back his songs so they only reveal a raw and honest emotional intensity.

James McCann is playing solo at the North Melbourne Town Hall on Friday August 17

Sailors and Swine

It’s the confrontational in-your-face performance of the lead singer of Sailors and Swine which makes them so interesting live. While his persona is a bit obnoxious, his relentless punk attitude is pretty rare with live performers these days. Its almost refreshingly provocative to see him thrusting himself into the music and spitting out the violent and damaged lyrics. A nice primal and throbbing swampy blues-punk rhythm section too. One to watch.

Tic Toc Tokyo

While the new revolution of new wave acts has been heavily criticised for displaying a lack of substance and originality, dark and danceable four piece Tic Toc Tokyo should be able to avoid most of these criticisms. Sharp bouncy guitar lines, tribalistic drumming and distressing wails from their small staid frontman mean these guys are a cut above many of the other local acts of this genre. Radio friendly but not cliched, sombre yet catchy, serious but not boring. Could do with some improved mixing though.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: August 8 to August 14


+Mountains in the Sky
@Athanaeum, Fri, Sat, Sun matinee, Sun night, $22 approx

Wally transforms from a Basic into Gotye this week when he takes his orchestra on the road for a national tour. If you haven't managed to get tix for this yet, you're almost too late. Out of four shows, only one, the Sunday night, is yet to sell out.

Wednesday the 8th

If you're not heading to a Splendour side show or to the film festival then check out one of the residencies. If you want quiet go to the Empress, noise then it's the Tote. Simple as that.

The Bedroom Philosopher + Sean M Whelan + The Mime Set
@The Empress

Et Al + Red Light Union + Badcop Badcop
@The Tote, 8pm, $5

The Horrors (UK) + Children Collide + The Mercy Arms
@Hi-Fi Bar, $36.60+bf, 7:30pm

Hot Chip (UK) + Bumblebeez (NSW)
@Prince Bandroom, 8pm, SOLD OUT

Jordie Lane and Liz Stringer duo + Rosie Burgess + Oriel Glennen
@Clifton Hill Hotel, 9pm, Free

The Shins (USA) + The Ruby Suns (NZ)
@Metro, 8pm, SOLD OUT

Thursday the 9th

The pick tonight is our faves, Silver City Highway who have with them the bleakly dramatic 16mm and acoustic country from Ned and the Meds. Elsewhere, you could to the Glasshouse to see if Good Intentions and their ninety three members and their dancing and prancing can all fit on the stage, creepy avant-garde with Pets with Pets at Cmon Cmon, grungey avant garde with Dane Certificate at Bar Open or sonically distorted but sweet pop with Popolice at The Empress.

Bittersweet Kicks + The Loveslaps + Darkest Heartstrings
@Brunswick Hotel, 9pm, free

Braindead Lovers + Dirty Pink Jeans + Morals of a Minor
@Revolver Upstairs

single launch
Dane Certificate + Alex Jarvis + Gary Mangred
@Bar Open, 9pm, free

The Good Intentions + Dance Contest
@The Glasshouse, 9pm, $8

Cmon Cmon
Pets with Pets + Winter Park + The Cobra Massive + Eurobeat 3
@The Evelyn, 8:30pm $8

Popolice + Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth + The No Real Need
@The Empress,

The Shoes + The Heist + Aurora + The Breaks
@The Espy Public Bar, 9pm, free

Silver City Highway + 16mm + Ned and the Meds
@, 9pm, $6

Friday August the 10th

Welcome back Pikelet with her return to Aus show at the Toff. You can also enjoy your 10 buck half steins of wietbier well pre and post Pikelet with Ned Collette and Martin Martini. But, if you're a bit of a cheapass and you would prefer to stick to your Carlton Draught head to the Tote where there is a good range of energetic bands including You Will Die Alone and new Modular signing Plug in City. It's some sort of camp out, so after plenty of jungle juice in your belly it might even be possible to pass out here without anybody noticing.

If you want to stay in the city though ex-Klinger frontman Ben Birchall is launching his debut album with his band at Ding Dong. Otherwise, southside, there's experimentally minded post punk with World's End Press, and the usual shenanigans from the very busy Aleks and the Ramps. For quieter times, the Empress has a soundtrack launch with some contemporary folk influenced solo artists. Spot a goth at the Evelyn.

67 Special + The Vandas + Mary Trembles
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $15+bf

CD Launch
Agnes Kain + Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth + The Gentiles + Twin Vickers
@Gertrudes, 8:30pm, $10

The Bakelite Age + Chinook + Stompbox
@Old Bar, 9pm

Album launch
Ben Birchall and the Corrections + The Hovercrafts + The Brutals
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $10

Blueline Medic + Mere Theory + Coue Method
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Brillliant Fanzine + Goodbye Motel + Fourth Floor Collapse
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $5

The Cassanovas + Silver Night Drive + Dirty Harry and the Rockets + Killer Birds
@The Espy Front Bar, 9pm, free

Burke and Wills Soundtrack Launch
Humansixbillion + Seagull
@The Empress, 9pm, $5

Camp Tote
Plug In City + Group Seizure + You Will Die Alone + Love Cuts Kills + Bachelor of Arts + Little Athletics + Reptiles
@The Tote, 7:30pm, $10

Love Is Science Fiction
@Pony, 2am, free

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra
@The Toff, 1am, free

Midnight Woolf + Bulls
@idgaff, 9pm $5

Pikelet + Ned Collette and Band + Jessica Says
@The Toff, 9pm, free

Psyche (CAN) + Schadenfreude
@The Evelyn, 9pm, $18

single launch
Worlds End Press + Aleks and the Ramps + Tank!
@Revolver Upstairs

Saturday August the 11th

Haven't been to the Corner for awhile? Well, head there tonight if indie hooks is your thing with something from across the Tasman, down from Bris Vegas and a bit of local action as well. If not, there's swamp rock at The Espy, Macaca and Atko do Idgaff, while local polished garage rock from The Exploders at NSC. Supporting the latter are the effervescent Little Red and fashionable Hot Little Hands. Has anyone seen their t-shirts? They seem to be popular at the moment

The Counterfeit Gyspies + The Band Who Knew Too Much
@Revolver Upstairs

single launch
Dane Certificate
@Pony, 2am, free

Danny Griffith (SubAudible Hum)
@Brunswick Green

The Double Agents + James McCann's Dirty Skirt Band + Sons of Lee Marvin + Bitter Sweet Kicks
@The Espy Front Bar, 9pm, Free

The Exploders + Little Red + Hot Little Hands
@NSC, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Macaca Mulatta + Anthony Atkinson + Fallelectric
@Idgaff, 8:30pm, $5

The Mint Chicks (NZ) + I Heart Hiroshima + New Estate
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $13+bf

The Night Terrors + Blacklevel Embassy + Quebec + Kids with Guns for Hands
@Arthouse, 9pm, $8

Oh Mercy! + Earthquakes in Tokyo + Fearless Vampire Killers
@The Espy Public Bar, 9pm, free

Sunday the 12th

Charles Jenkins
@Brunswick Green, 5pm, free

Jordie Lane + Brendan Welch
@Wesley Anne, 5pm, free

Shy Child (USA) + Love is Science Fiction
@The Espy Gershwin Room,8pm, free

Tuesday the 14th

Matt Walker + Jordie Lane
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $7+bf

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: August 1 to August 7

Wednesday the 1st

Start the gig week by checking out the first stint in a couple of Wednesday August residencies. The Bedroom Philosopher has another crack at the residency thing at Empress. Tonight he is with D. Rogers (ex Klinger). Over at the Tote driving post-rock/post-rock three piece Et. Al start their month long stint. Three fantastic acoustic based acts at Bar Open, while emerging electro artists will try their hardest to get the dancefloor started at the Tote. The Cruel Sea's James Cruikshank is at NSC.

Ash (IRL)+ Ghostwood
@Prince Bandroom, 8:30pm, $51.70+bf

The Bedroom Philosopher + D. Rogers
@The Empress, 9pm, $8

Et Al + Howl at the Moon + Dance Contest
@The Tote, 8pm

Album launch
James Cruikshank + Matt Walker
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10/$20+CD

Royalchord + Khancoban + Josh Armistead
@Bar Open, 8pm

CD Launch
School of Two + The Emergency + Barrage
@The Toff, $10

Thursday the 2nd

I've been keen to see Summer Cats for ages now, so tonight I finally get my chance. If cutesy sweetie pie pop harmonies are not your thing then the Salmon and Batrider rock showpiece might be more down your alley. Elsewhere, Sailors and Swine are on the bill at the Evelyn. They are worth catching. Not sure what the venues are serving up, so maybe take a punt.

Baby 8 + Young Husband + The High Heals
@Pony, 9pm, $6

The Codebreakers + Chinook + Danny McDonald
@Old Bar, 8:30pm, $5

Fearless Vampire Killers + Junior Anti Sex League + The Baskins
@Glasshouse, 8:30pm

Goodbye Motel + Sake Sake + The Glorious
@Revolver Upstairs

Lily Allen (UK) + Macromantics
@Prince Bandroom, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

Salmon + Batrider
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $12

Cmon Cmon
Sons of Lee Marvin + Sailors and Swine + Dirty York
@The Evelyn

Summer Cats + The Cananes
@The Toff, 9pm, $8

Friday the 3rd

The Saints battle for a spot in the eight tonight so maybe no gig for ATR? But, if footy doesn't interest you then The Lucksmiths are at the Toff. Bedroom indie pop from Julian Nation and a South Aussie band as support. Elsewhere, decent solo artists at idgaff, alt country is the main flavour at the Tote, rock at the East and Espy, or female folksters headline at NSC. Once this all finishes, put on your scarf and duffel coat and head to Roxanne. Yacht is headlining. I caught him last week and thought he was very good, even despite being clearly distracted by a drugfucked obsessive fan who wanted to jump in his pants.

Bloc Party + Midnight Juggernauts
@Festival Hall, 7:30pm, SOLD OUT

CWQ + The Wishing Well + The Gift Horse
@Old Bar, 9pm, $5

Editors (UK) + Mercy Arms
@Hi-Fi Bar, 8:30pm, $50.60+bf

Fi Claus + Emma Heeney + Skipping Girl Vinegar
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Friends of the Earth Anti Nuke Fundraiser
Khancoban + Too Many Cars + La Colombi + Milk + Fly South + Dulcet Rose
@NSC, 8pm, $20/$15

CD Launch
Kamikaze Trio + Legends of Motorsport + Capital City (WA)
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $12

The Lucksmiths + Hit The Jackpot (SA) + Julian Nation
@The Toff, 8pm, $12+bf

Ouch My Face! + The Raskins + The Scowlers + Aprha's Cat
@The Espy Public Bar, 9pm, Free

Princess One Point Five + Henry Wagons + Fred Astereo
@Idgaff, 8pm

Rhythm Bell + Assassination Collective + The Time of the Assassins + guests
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $8

The Spazzys + The Orphans + Negative Waves (SPA) + Root
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, Free

Telecom + Somersaults + skullsquadron
@Revolver Upstairs, 9pm, $8

The Vandas + The Hovercrafts + The Ashburys (ACT) + Ned and the Meds
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Us Vs. Them
Yacht (USA) + Panther (USA) + Love of Diagrams + Barrage
@Roxanne, 9pm, $15+bf

Saturday the 4th

The Espy has a lot on tonight in the Gershwin Room and the Front Bar so you and your mates should be able to keep you all pleased. Elsewhere noise rockers Spider Vomit launch their EP at the Toff. Apart from that, Clinkerfield are always good, or maybe Ding Dong's worth a crack.

The Boats + Retail Fireworks
@The Empress, 9pm

Capital City (WA)
@Pony, 2am, free

Clinkerfield + The Wasp Factory + The Get Go
@The Greyhound, 9pm

Darkest Heartstrings + The Styles + Loveslaps + The Eggs
@Old Bar, 9pm, $5

LP Launch
The Emergency + Flesh Vs Venom + Maximum Awesome + Bachelor of Arts + Braindead
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $8

The Loveslaps + Little Athletics + Hotel Wrecking City Traders + Reptiles
@Idgaff, 8pm

7" Launch
Majorca + Agents Abhorrence + more
@Cloud City, 8pm,

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra + Curse OV Dialect
@Revolver Upstairs

OKGO (USA) + The Dirty Secrets
@Hi-Fi Bar, 8:30pm, $42.90+bf

Click Click
The Paper Scissors (NSW) + Winterpark + Debbie (NSW)
@Brown Alley, 9pm, $14/$10

EP Launch
Spider Vomit + Hi God People + Birth Glow (SA) + Rock Bottom
@The Toff, 9pm, $10

The Suits + Capital City (WA) + The Ashburys (ACT) + Fearless Vampire Killers
@The Espy Lounge, 9pm, Free

Tic Toc Tokyo + Et Al + Brilliant Fanzine + Big Cats + Brilliant Fanzine
@The Espy Gershwin Room, 8pm, $8

Sunday the 5th

Rock out with the gals at the Tote, or give a go to either of the two lesser profile but more interesting Splendour acts. My preference would be for the Hi-Fi where the wonderful Belles will Ring are supporting

3CR Presents Girls Rock Out #2
Bracode (NSW) + Blush Foundation (NSW) + Shoot The Genie + The Mystaken + Teko + Beau Heartbreaker + Liz Stringer + Red Cherries + Anoushka
@The Tote, 3:30pm, $10/$8

The Long Blondes (UK) + Belles Will Ring (NSW)
@Hi-Fi Bar, 7:30pm, $45.10+bf (get one free)

Tilly and the Wall (USA) + Soft Tigers (NSW)
@The Toff, 8pm, $35+bf

Monday the 6th

Rob Roy is clearly your best value gig tonight so if you're not seeing The Shins on Tuesday or Wednesday get your lazy ass down here.

Kaiser Chiefs (UK) + Wolf and Cub (SA) + Operator Please (QLD)
@Festival Hall, $66.60+bf

The Ruby Suns (NZ) + Aleks and the Ramps + Popolice
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $8

Tilly and the Wall (USA) + Little Red
@The Toff, 8pm, $35+bf

Tuesday the 7th

Arctic Monkeys (UK) + Operator Please (QLD)
@Festival Hall, SOLD OUT

Carus (solo) + Yanto Shortis
@East Brunswick Club, 8:00m, $12+bf

Magnolia Electric Company (USA) + James McCanns Dirty Skirt Band + Paper Planes
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $36+bf

Matt Walker + James Cruikshank
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $7+bf

The Shins (USA) + The Ruby Suns (NZ)
@The Metro, SOLD OUT

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