Monday, April 30, 2007


Unconfirmed Rumour
I've heard through the grapevine that the Salon at the Spanish Club is to close its doors in August. I assume that noise disputes with nearby residents would be the main factor.

If the news is true, this venue will be sadly missed. The Salon is large enough to support a decent crowd but it's never crowded enough to feel uncomfortable. The lighting is always bright enough as well so it's a good place to enjoy a beer (unlike the sterile East Brunwick Club for instance). I guess it also has its pitfalls as well though - the noise from the back of the room sometimes can drown out the tunes.

20 copies of the new EP from experimental electro popsters Actor/Model Gossip About Guys was stolen from their CD launch at Exile on Smith St on ANZAC Day eve. This is a big kick in the pants for a local band. According to their posts on Mess and Noise, a market umbrella and a sign outside were stolen outside and something in the games room was trashed. This suggests drunken c**ts may have been the culprits.

Splendour Side Shows
After appearing at Splendour in the Grass The Shins will be playing in Melbourne on Tuesday August 7 at The Palace (Are they groans I hear?). Tix on sale from Ticketmaster, Polyester and Palace Online from Friday 11 May for $55+bf. Support from a Kiwi band I've never heard of before - The Ruby Suns.

Neu-ravers Klaxons are playing at Billboard on the same night as the Shins at Billboard nightclub. Tix are $45+bf from Moshtix and Polyester

The Hold Steady may not actually be coming any more so no side show news for them.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: April 26 to May 1

Hello all. Hope you all had an enjoyable day off yesterday, and had an awesome Tuesday night (hopefully taking in some live music). I went along saw Souls on Board, who were brilliant and confirmed them as one of my favourite indie rock acts in Melbourne at the moment. I especially enjoyed their closing number, How to Make a Fire. A downside however was the Weekender crowd who were more intent on getting blotto, than taking in the magnificent sounds Souls on Board served up. Indie nights might be great for getting a crowd in the door but when the crowd just ignore what's on the stage , I reckon it would preferable playing in front of an empty room.

Anyway, now to what's on this week.


Damn Arms
Dance with Voices
Mission Control
@Bootleg, Geddes Lane,
Saturday, 8pm, $15approx

Yes, after bagging out an indie night, I've just gone and recommended and indie night gig for gig of the week. That's a bit inconsistent you might say. Maybe, but I think the criticism doesn't necessarily apply when you got an electro infused lineup like this one. I might change my mind after Saturday though...

Thursday the 26th

Get along and see The Basics for the last time at their Empress residency gig. But don't fret if you miss it. There's about half a dozen more gigs they're playing in the next couple of weeks so you should have another chance to see them. You could also get along and see the last of The Vandas or Amaya Lauricia's residency gigs, or see one of the huge influences on indie pop today, Lloyd Cole at Prince of Wales. Geoff from The Crayon Fields is also backing up after his support gig for Lloyd last night - this time with his side project, Sly Hats.

The Basics, The Saturns
@The Empress, 9pm, $5

Birds of Tokyo, Regular John, Day of the Dead
@Corner, 8pm, $16+bf

Blessington, Sly Hats, Lindsay Phillips
@NSC, 8:30pm, $8

The Black Hundred, The Red Tree, Ants, Tetris Nightmare
@The Tote, 8pm, $7

Lloyd Cole, Rob Snarski
@Prince Bandroom, 8pm, $40+bf

Amaya Lauricia, Lachlan Franklin (The Smallgoods)
@Spanish Club Front Bar, 9:30pm, Free

The Vandas
@Idgaff, 9pm, Free

Zeptepi, Plastic Palace Alice, Darn Thorn and the End of the World
@Laundry, 9pm, $5

Friday the 27th

Saints are on tonight so no gigs for ATR. If I wasn't watching the footy, I'd probably go to the Northcote Social Club. I haven't heard of Ninetynine previously but they've been touring their album in Finland (Translation: 'a little bit exotic') and from what I've heard, they sound pretty interesting (self description: 'indie rock stylings with tuned percussion and layerings of casio keyboards'). It might be also worth going to check out The Bulls who got a great wrap in Inpress this week for their live show.

Blue King Brown, Diafrix, Natty Sistren Sound
@Prince Bandroom, 8:30pm, $15+bf

Downhills Home, Burke, Chinook
@The Empress

Mink Jaguar
@Pony, 2am, Free

Ninetynine, Bulls, Matt Bailey
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10

Plastic Palace Alice, Token View, Spargo, Major Major
@Espy Public Bar, 9:30pm, Free

Six Ft Hick, The Stabs, Rocky Outcrop, Screwtop Detonators
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10

Sixteen Millimetre, Armen Firman, Razor Cartel, Kate Lucas
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $6

Wolf and Cub, Snowman, Little Red
@Corner, 8:30pm, $16+bf

Saturday the 28th

Apart from the gig of the week, Jimmy Clinkerfield and friends (including the superb Silver City Highway) are on at the Tote, there's a cool house party in Richmond with a great lineup including New Estate who have just released a cracking album, some prog electro and prog rock at a venue I've never heard at before on Smith St, The Blue Tile Lounge, and Little Red keeping up their weekly quota in Chinatown.

Black Mustang
@Pony, 2am, Free

Clinkerfield, Silver City Highway, Downhills Home, The Vandas
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10

Little Red, Blackbelt
@Wintergarden Room, Exford Hotel, 10pm, $6

Mutiny on the H.M.S. Bounty
Hotel City Wrecking Traders, New Estate, Bachelor of Arts, Strangebird/Strangetown, Schadenfreude
@House of Smut, 79 Baker St, Richmond
7pm, gold coin entry

The Orbweavers, The Sea Trees
@Tote Front Bar, 5pm, Free

TV for Cats, The Ribbon Device, The Black Hundred, The Bletchley Girls
@The Blue Tile Lounge, 8:30pm

The Underminers, John Kennedy, The Beautiful Few, Brother Man Dude
@The Empress, 9pm

Sunday the 29th

You could do the cookup thing at the Corner, although its not really about the music there. Otherwise, Silver Ray are always good, or there's a bunch of more mellow acts on. The Birds of Tokyo acoustic gig will be of interest to fans.

Birds of Tokyo (acoustic), Will Stoker
@Bar Open, 8pm , $15

The Blackeyed Susans (trio)
@The Standard, 7pm, Free

The Good Shepherd’s Circus Pie Classic Feat
The Meanies, Six Ft Hick, Little Red, Wayfearing Strangers, Joelistics, more
@Corner, 4pm, $15+bf

Penny Ikinger, Malcolm Hill
@Exile on Smith St, 6pm, Free

Silver Ray
@Marquis of Lorne, 5pm

Emma Tonkin, Richard Easton
@NSC, 8:30pm, $15

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Musings on a Melody Metropolis

As you may have noticed last week (and already blogged in Aus by Decomposing Trees) The Crayon Fields have received a first class review of 7.8 in Pitchfork for their highly acclaimed release of last year, Animal Bells. For those who aren’t regular visitors to Pitchfork, anything over 7.5 is pretty darn good and given the readership of this highly influential site I would think it will go a long way in helping them secure international distribution of this album. The band just need Geoff to relax a bit more on stage for their live performances to match their studio quality, but I should say that their new drummer is a great new addition, giving the band some bounce and vibe which they seemed to lack a bit previously.

Anyway, even though I think The Crayon Fields are fantastic, and this post probably could stand alone on itself, but it just got me thinking about how many high quality indie pop artists there are from Melbourne just now. And for the sake of clarification I’m not talking 60s pop revivalist bands, like the ever prescent The Basics and Little Red or the acts highlighted in ATR Friday power pop special a couple of weeks ago. Use Belle and Sebastian as your international reference point.

For starters, the quintessential Melbourne band, The Lucksmiths are still around on the scene while their Candle Records contemporaries The Mabels and The Simpletons disbanded long ago. The Lucksmiths have inspired bands and fans alike with poignant and witty lyrics, melodies for all seasons, and joyous live performances.

Another band of this generation who are still alive and kicking but stack up well against the Candle crew are The Steinbecks. These guys also play catchy hook-laden pop songs but are further up the rock end of the spectrum than The Lucksmiths. They're so indie though, they actually played a bike only gig at the Brunswick Velodrome a few weeks back!

In recent times we have also seen several new additions to the scene. Last year Julian Nation released an 18 minute full length gem, We Are All Writers on Swedish label, Book Club Records. The record is full of intimate and quirky pop songs of the lo-fi home recorded variety, and it was well received amongst many in the blogging community, particularly in Europe.

There's also The Motifs, who is the musical project of just one woman - Alexis. The Motifs also do a DIY in your bedroom twee pop thing but her tunes are mostly acoustic and more cute less raw than Nation. Last year a select few (not me unfortunately) got their hands on the first release from The Motifs, a CD-R version on DIY Swedish label, Music is My Girlfriend, which sold out in a matter of days. Her next release a full length record, Away has just been released on a Japanese label, Lost in Found.

Also into DIY indie pop is summer cats, who received a positive track review on Pitchfork recently after releasing a CD-R single on a Miami label, Cloudberry Records last year. They don't have a recording deal yet, but I would expect there would be one just around the corner. If you don't believe me, just check out the sweet infectious goodness of those girl-boy harmonies.

So here's just a selection that all compares well with The Crayon Fields (and, which, in my opinion, is superior than most of what Architecture in Helsinki have done). If there's anything else you would recommend we would love to hear about it!

Upcoming Shows

The Lucksmiths are playing at the East on Saturday May 5. summer cats are one of the supports. The other support is The Zebras - Brisbane's best indie pop group.
The Steinbecks are launching their new album, Far From the Madding Crowd at the Northcote Social Club on Friday May 11.
Julian Nation is supporting The Bedroom Philosopher during his residency at the Wesley Anne on Thursday May 10.
You can catch Geoff, the creative brains behind The Crayon Fields with his side project Sly Hats at the Northcote Social Club this Friday.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: April 18 to 24

Welcome to Wilco Week ladies and gentlemen


Wilco, Glenn Richards
@Palais, $80approx
Wednesday (SOLD OUT), Thursday, 7:30pm

Possibly the best band in the world are in town tonight and tomorrow night and what better way to celebrate than to bestow them the highly sought after honour of ATR gig of the week (Sorry local acts). We'll be there tonight of course. I’m wishfully predicting gig of the year. Fingers crossed for no migraines from Tweedy though. I'll bring Panadol for him just in case.

Wednesday the 18th

If you’re not at the Palais, maybe go and check the Kiwis who are playing their third Melb gig in the past week before heading home.

The Renderers (NZ), The Garbage and the Flowers
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10

Thursday the 19th

Still tix left for this Wilco gig so if you haven’t already done so buy one. If not, the next big thing of Aussie pop, The Basics have their second last residency gig at the Empress. And in case you weren’t convinced we’re not the only blog who reckons they’re pretty sweet (Check out A Reminder and Who The Bloody Hell Are They). If neither of these appeal, there is world class instrumental ambience at the East and four great free gigs, all with an alt-country bent, although the range is much more diverse down at the Espy.

The Basics, Major Major
@The Empress, 9pm, $5

Groundswell, The Wellingtons (trio), Rumours
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $8

Amaya Lauricia, Royalchord
@Spanish Club Front Bar, 9:30pm, Free

Joni Lightning, Aleks and the Ramps, Potential Falcons
@Espy Front Lounge, 9:30pm, Free

The Orbweavers, Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts
@Retreat, 9pm, Free

Thee Mysterious Tape Men, Dance Contest, Made for Chickens by Robots, Made Austria, Casionova, The Baboon Brothers, Dane Certificate
@The Tote, 8pm, $10

This is Your Captain Speaking, All India Radio, Emily Williams
@The East, 8pm, $10

The Vandas
@Idgaff, 9pm, Free

Friday the 20th

Get your hands on some tight black jeans before tonight ‘cause they’ll be essential if you want to feel part of the crowd at the East. Fashion tips aside though, this will be fun fun fun so get on down if this is the way you like your Friday night. A few good things at the Tote too with EP launch from psychy indie rockers You Will Die Alone with support from cardigan adorned twee poppers the Crayon Fields and new Mistletone boys Fabulous Diamonds. You could also check out 2 of ATRs live recommendations, Silver City Highway and Black Pony Express, the latter who are supporting The Double Agents

Ben Birchall and the Corrections, The Good Intentions, Oh Mercy
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $10

Bit By Bats, Dance With Voices, Dead Frenchmen, The Fancy Boys
@The East, 8:30pm, $12

Bertie Blackman, Big Cats, special guest
@NSC, 8:30pm, $18

The Double Agents, Black Pony Express, The Bulls
@Spanish Club Salon, 9pm, $12

Leadfinger, Swedish Magazines, Wrong Turn
@Exile on Smith St, 8pm, $8

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra, Sneaker Trio
@Revolver Upstairs

Plastic Palace Alice, Pitching Woo, Johnny Got His Gun, The Papernecks
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $8

Silver City Highway
@Greyhound, 9pm, Free

True Radical Miracle
@Pony, 2am, Free

You Will Die Alone, The Crayon Fields, Fabulous Diamonds, Ships Piano
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $12

Saturday the 21st

Kick off the afternoon down at the 'G watching the Saints pump the Bombers, blow out the cobwebs at the clumsily named Afterdark with some loud stuff, or smile along to sunny melodies at Pure Pop Records with the Steinbecks launching their new single. There'll be a BBQ and giveaways as well! Don’t worry if you can’t make this performance though. There’s a headline show at NSC nex month.

At night there’s world class country with Buckner at the Corner, although it’s a pity he’s not with band. Little Red on again as well. This time at Old Bar.

Aleks and the Ramps, Mysterious Tapeman, Made for Chickens by Robots, The Great Apes
@Pony, 9:30pm

Bachelorette (NZ), Flying Scribble, Francis Plagne, Ross Manning @Wesley Anne, 7pm, $5

Richard Buckner (USA), Edith Frost (USA), J. Walker
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $36+bf

Click Click
Spider Vomit, Kill Boogie, Barrage
@Brown Alley, $14

King Brothers (JPN), Backseat Romeos, Trough Lollies, Tash Mints
@Exile on Smith St, 8pm, $10

Leadfinger, The Naked Eye, Alcatrash
@Idgaff $5

@Pony, 2am, Free

Little Red, Polar Sounds, Archestar
@Old Bar, $6

Rhythm Bell, Radiant City, Hotel City Wrecking Traders
@Afterdark, 2pm, Free

The Steinbecks
@Pure Pop Records, 3pm, Free

Sunday the 22nd

Welcome back live music to the Standard. There'll be stuff on twice a week. Acoustic on Wednesday. Bands on Sunday. Tonight's the opening night.

Cocky’s Cracker 2
Readers’ Wives, Dane Certificate, Popolice, Talkshow Boy, Dance Contest, Fantastic Sailors
@Rob Roy, 4pm, $5

Coco’s Lunch (2 sets)
@The East, 8pm, $20

The Hired Guns
@The Standard, 7pm, Free

Penny Ikinger
@Exile on Smith St, 6pm, Free

Zeptepi, The Codebreakers, Wyreless, Junior Anti Sex League
@The Tote, 6pm, $5

Tueday the 24th

A difficult choice. Rock out with the Nation Blue at the Tote? Shimmy and shake with Little Red at Click Click? Bounce and freakout to experimental synthy popsters Actor/Model at Exile on Smith St? Tap, nod a bit, and drink a tankload at the Espy Rootsfest? Or just soak up the winding indie guitar melodies at Weekender with Souls on Board?

Actor/Model, The Bachelorettes (NZ)
@Exile on Smith St, 8pm, $8

Click Click
Little Red
@Eurotrash, 9pm, $14/$10

The Counterfeit Gypsies, Waiting for Guinness, The Crooked Fiddle Band
@The East, 8pm, $15

Deep Roots Festival
Feat Cornerstone Roots (NZ)
+Custom Kings
+Ash Grunwald
+Dan Sultan
+Josh Owen
@The Espy, 8:30pm, $15+bf

The Inches, Royal Parade, Nicholas Roy
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $10

Miso, Princess One Point Five, The Guns for Saint Sebastian
@NSC, 8;30pm, $15

The Nation Blue, King Brothers (JPN), Young & Restless, These Hands Could Separate the Sky
@The Tote, 8pm, $12

Souls on Board, Carnation
@Ding Dong, 8:30pm, $10

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Stuffwelikelive: 2007 Trimester 1

So, it's about time to start making some recommendations about some of the best live local acts we've seen for the first time for the last few months. And we don't want to make this a recommendation of acts that already have a huge profile, but instead it's going to be more about acts we didn't know much about before we saw, but were mega impressed, so impressed we going to highly recommend that you pay your $5 (or maybe even a whopping $12) and go and see these acts whenever they play their next Melbourne gig.

It's not an exhaustive list. Yep, that's right, shock!, horror!, we don't actually go to local gigs every night of the week, so there's probably plenty of other stuff we've missed that is from Melbs, is fantastic and we haven't discovered yet.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for the next instalment in about three months time.

The Basics

These three pop revivalists must be about the best live band in Melbourne at the moment. Tight like a nun, happy like a dimwit and infectious like ebola, they're guaranteed to pick you up from the dourest of moods. Your feet will tap, your face will split, your shoulders will shiver. They're on the verge of turning into some sort of multi-national monster so get in early.

Catch them at their tristate residency all month in April - for Melbourne it'll be Thursdays at The Empress - they'll never play such a small venue again! Their new album Stand Out/Fit In is in stores from May 5th.

[website] [SimpleSpace]

Black Pony Express

It's alt-country, but not as you know it. In fact, it's more alt-blues-country-gospel-rock. Partly about Katrina Morgan's bow (always the cute violin player) but more about the dressed-in-impeccable-black Justin Cusack, rampaging across the front of the stage with just a touch of Cave or Cash or Cage (Johnny). They begin coaxing sounds from their instruments, sneaking up on you until they're ripping the place apart. More appreciated in Europe than here, don't make them go overseas again for an album release.

Get Love in a Cold Place from most record shops. See them at The Spanish Club, April 20th.


Emma Heeney

There's something about Emma Heeney which puts her, for me, a little above your standard chick-with-guitar stuff. I think it's because, while she does the obvious melancholy stuff just as well as H-Thro or C-Bow or L-Jean, she's also got poppy bits and upbeat, toe-tappin' smiles. She's comfortable on stage; hardly Jagger-esque but not hiding behind her music-maker, either; really endearing and all aspects of nice. Nice winter tunes and clean song-writing.

Get the album, Dreaming of Bridges, from her site. The Empress plays host to her Thursdays in May, with the likes of The Basics and The Little Stevies, so get on down there.


International Karate

IK deliver a live show with the full bag of post-rock tricks – from the troughs of dark and dense textured guitar and keyboard ambience to the peaks of pulsating piercing chaotic amplified noise But they do it in tight 3 or 4 minute packages rather than slipping into meandering ten minute epic extravaganzas like most of their post-rock cousins. Visually they’re interesting too - drummer Aaron Pepper is devastatingly intense with the kit.

IK have a headline show to promote the recent release of their third record More of What We’ve Heard Than We’ve Heard Before at the Spanish Club on Friday May 18.

[website] [MacchioSpace]


The delay pedal revolution is upon us. In Melbs we saw recently possibly the best exponent of the device - Andrew Bird. The bashful Pikelet (a.k.a Evelyn Morris) is not quite in the Birdman's league yet, but there's definitely potential - her loopy whimsical melodies simmer and bubble below her angelic voice. And she's not just a guitarist either. She's a drummer, accordianist and glockenspielskist as well, cooking up a pastiche of experimental ethereal gems right in front of your eyes.

The Lil' Panckake Lady will be launching her debut album in May, so watch for that, though her next gig is before that, supporting The Bedroom Philosopher, May 3rd @ Wesley Anne.


Silver City Highway

A side project of members of SubAudible Hum, Redfish Bluegrass and a few other Melb bands the multi member (8 at last count) dark melodic post-alt country supergroup Silver City Highway have been active travelers on the pub circuit, taking their luscious mournful dirges all the way from Northcote to Brunswick and then over to Fitzroy and back again over the past few months. Best accompanied with a glass of shiraz or pint of Guinness.

As far as I know the next time you can see them is at the Tote on April 28th with their buddies Clinkerfield and a bunch of other acts.



Have you always thought good ole fashioned country-rock was hick and boring and only suited to a Sunday arvo at the local? Well, think again, cos its time to dust of the Blundstones, take the check shirt out of mothballs and get on board with Wagons. Henry Wagons is a rambunctious passionate frontman with a full routine of dry acerbic gags. The band, are great too. While usually sticking to their shoot em down knee slappin' toe tappin' numbers (complete with washboard), they've also been known to genre shift too, and i’m talking something a little further leftfield than simply alt-country here...

I think they'll be a new album later from Wagons later in the year.

[website] [PilgrimSpace]

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: April 11 to April 17

Once again, the live scene has to compete with the Comedy Festival to get people in the door so it’s not a huge week for the Melb scene, but as always there’s still plenty on – check out Thursday for instance. Since they’re a bit of a Melbourne institution we also give the early morning Pony gigs a run in our gig guide for the first time this week. Sure, there might be lots of trashed idiots there, but, hey, trashed idiots = great atmosphere at least some of the time. Agreed?

Gig o' the Week

My Disco
+ Hi God People
+ The Stabs
+ Mum Smokes
@ The East
Saturday, 8:30pm

We already gave the Disco boys a good rap yesterday so there’s no need to harp on about them, but if you haven’t ever seen them before then you should go to this gig. They’re guaranteed to only play for half an hour but don’t let this count against them – it actually maximises the intensity of their performance. The other stuff should be great too. Experience 60s pop with an experimental bent with Mum Smokes who incidentally have been invited by the Dirty Three to play All Tomorrow’s Parties. There will be weirder spacier sounds with Hi God People and swampy noise punk with The Stabs.

Wednesday the 11th

The Spanish Club's Wednesday night residency has had great acts all year and continues with Sime Nugent - impeccable songs and nice to boot. Otherwise some rock elsewhere, and Hugo Race and James McCann at Manchester Lane could be quite fun.

Calling All Cars, Heartless Vendetta, Girl vs Ghost
@Tote, 8pm, $5

Sime Nugent
@Front Bar, Spanish Club, 9pm, free

Hugo Race and The True Spirit, James McCann's Dirty Skirt Band
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $15

Swedish Magazines, Love Slaps, Entwhistle
@East, 8pm, $8

Thursday the 12th

If you weren’t lucky enough to get some tix to the last ever Dan Kelly show with the Alpha Males then I pity you but there’s still will be enough elsewhere that should interest you. If you want to pick up, the guy to girl ratio will probably be in your favour at the Lou Rhodes show but get in quick cos you might have some competition - her Friday night gig has already sold out. Alternatively you could see one of the greatest blues acts EVER at the Prince. But if cash is tight I suggest you go and see either The Basics at their Empress residency, post-rock legends Silver Ray at the Retreat, or weirdass country Kiwis The Renderers supported by our own weirdass Melburnian – Kes.

(And Little Red are playing a gig. Quelle surprise.)

Ancient Free Gardeners, Tobias Cummings, Amy’s Theory
@The East, 8pm, $12

Bachelor of Arts, Viva Computer, Stereo Nazi
@Pony, 9:30pm

The Basics, Armen Firman
@The Empress, 9pm

C'mon C'mon
Little Red, Morals of a Minor, The Vedettes
@Evelyn, 8:30pm, $8

Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males, Good Intentions
@NSC, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

Little Athletics, The Hutt River Solution, The Dirty Romantics
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $6

Little Barrie (UK), support?
@Spanish Club Salon, 8pm, $50

Lou Rhodes (UK), Dane Tucquet
@Corner, 8:30pm, $34+bf

The Renderers (NZ), Rowland S Howard, Kes
@The Tote, 9pm, $7

Silver Ray
@The Retreat, 9:30pm, free

Taj Mahal Trio (USA)
@Prince Bandroom, 7:30pm, $66+bf

The Vandas
@IDGAFF, 9pm, $5

Friday the 13th

My pick here is the durable ole man of rock n roll Spencer P Jones who is launching his new album at the Tote. The gig the East is also a winner and this isn’t just because of the Groundies. Gold Coast guys+gals Operator Please are tipped for big things. (Dunno who that other support band are.) Alt-country group Kill Devil Hills are also definitely worth a look at the Salon if you would like something more mellow and with a banjo. If you need to hear a banjo elsewhere look no further than the Wesley Anne or Edinburgh Castle who usually can satisfy banjo cravings.

Airway Lanes, Spargo, Mosaik, Inner Space
@Evelyn, 8:30pm, $10

Fuck I'm Dead, Malevolence, Roskopp, Super Fun Happyslide
@Arthouse, 8pm

The Great Apes, Paper Planes, Jupiter’s Child
@Old Bar, 9pm, $5

Ground Components, Operator Please, Little Red
@The East, 8:30pm, $15

The Kill Devil Hills, Capital City, Mink Mussel Creek
@Spanish Club Salon, 8pm, $12

Lou Rhodes (UK), Dane Tucquet
@Corner, 9pm, SOLD OUT

Morals of a Minor, Fanta Pants
@Pony, 2am, Free

The Renderers (NZ), Panel of Judges, Spidervomit
@Cloud City, 8pm

Spencer P Jones and The Escape Committee, The Ukeladies, Shooting at Unarmed Men, The Killer Birds
@The Tote, 9pm, $12

The Vines (NSW), Red Riders (NSW), The Silents
@Prince Bandroom, 8:30pm, $35+bf

Saturday the 14th

First pick is gig of the week at the East but if not, the Tote has six acts who all like it earth shatteringly loud. The weirdass Kiwis are on again tonight too so they might be worth a look if you didn’t see them on Thursday. Or else there's rock rock rock at The Old Bar, what a great venue, go celebrate it. And the Click Click party will be full of naive hipster kids, if you like that sorta thing.

67 Special single launch, The Exploders, Jamie Robbie Reyne and the Paradise Three
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $12

Ben Kweller (US), Whitley
@Corner, 8:30pm, $39.30+bf

Master Cardinal, Summer Cats
@Geddes Lane

Capital City, Pink Fitt
@Pony, 2am, free

Click Click
Love Is Science Fiction, Morals of a Minor, Cobra Massive
@Brown Alley, 9pm, $14/$10

From Hell, The Hymies, The Dangermen, Gun Country
@Pony, 9:30pm

Long Walk Home, Armen Firman, The Red Tree
@The Evelyn, 9pm, $10

The New Black, The Mercy Kills, Spun Rivals, Schadenfreude
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $10

The Old Bar’s 5th Birthday
The Dead South, Sailors and Swines, The Palenecks, Clinkerfield (duo)
@Old Bar, 9pm, $10

The Renderers (NZ), Chris Smith, Dean Roberts (NZ)
@Exile on Smith St, 8pm, ?

Ryokuchi (JPN), Grey Daturas, Dad They Broke Me, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Embers, 731, Firewitch
@Tote, 7pm, $12

Winterpark, Velure duo, Jordy
@North Bazaar, 10pm, free

Sunday the 15th

Bums on carpet out at the NSC with JP if you want to chill out. This'll be a great gig - Joe Talia's solo stuff is far different from his City City City drumming. Or Ryokuchi, who seem to have been in the country for months, with their angry noise and noisy anger.

J.P. Shilo, Joe Talia
@NSC, 7:30pm, $10

Ryokuchi (JPN), Fire Witch, Malakat
@East, 7pm, $8

Tuesday the 17th

Airway Lanes
@Brunswick Hotel, 9pm, free

Black Pony Express (duo), Jimmy Clinkerfield
@Rainbow, 9:30pm, free

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hello again!

Sorry, its been a while, but I’m afraid technical difficulties, apathy, comedy festival and work commitments have all conspired against us and the motivating powers of Melbourne music hasn’t been strong enough to overcome these evil forces and provide you with a post. Feelings of elation and depression surrounding the Sainters performances in the past two weeks may have also been influencing factors.

To get us back on track here is a retrospective look at last weekends gigs to tell you in brief what you missed. Not very interesting perhaps, but if you don’t like it, well, you don’t have to read it.

If all the stars align we’ll post on next weeks gigs tomorrow. There’ll be other stuff shortly as well – I promise.

Oh, and sorry about that recommendation about Aleks and the Ramps a couple of weeks ago. The less said about that gig, the better.


There was yet another sold out gig at the East Brunswick from folky bro and sis Angus and Julia Stone from North of the border. I haven’t heard much from them but these guys sold out on the Tuesday and also late last year when they toured so they must be doing something right

Each member of the Grey Daturas played solo sets at Bar Open.


There was a mini-fest at the Espy but unfortunately the lineup seemed pretty similar to the pre Aus Day celebrations. The two busiest bands in Melbourne were there. Points for guessing who I mean here. Other highlights were Souls on Board and The Temper Trap.

You could have seen pint sized US acoustic guitar virtuouso Kaki King at The East touring for her second time in almost as many months.

Gods of power pop, The Lemonheads sold out at the Corner.

The Basics started their monthly Thursday residency at the Empress

There were a bunch of electro rockers and DJs at the new bar of cool, Roxanne


A launch at NSC for the new Bluebottle Kiss release, Slight Return and Out Seeds – outtakes from their critically claimed album of last year, Doubt Seeds. The superb Deloris supported.

Another Lemonheads show was at the Corner. I don’t think this one sold out.


ATR was there to see a great show from experimental noise popsters Deerhoof of San Francisco. There were choreographed hand movements and scissor kick dancing from Satomi Matsuzaki, and some ridiculously volatile improv drumming from Greg Saunier. My Disco ( possibly the best live band in Melbourne?) supported, previewing three great new tracks all displaying their trademark intense industrial angular grinds and riffs.

The root and influence of many of this town’s guitar pop bands, Gaslight Radio, launched their new record at NSC.

For a great value gig, recent tour buddies Batrider and Birth Glow played for five bucks at Victoria Hotel just off Sydney Rd


Gig of the week no doubt would have been veterans The Scientists who played the Gershwin Room at the Espy after a long absence. These guys will be back wowing audiences overseas when they jet off to All Tommorrows Parties shortly. Some mayhem, chaos and plenty of noise from The Stabs and Witch Hats as support.

You could have also had some fun with The Little Stevies at the Evelyn

See you next time!

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