Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: July 25 to July 31


Saturday night at Cloud City is big for a number of reasons. Headlining two all ages shows is cute chamber pop cum electro twee indie pop exports Architecture in Helsinki who have with them a fine young gentleman from the US of A called Yacht who will be treating the Brunswick crowd to his electro pop mashups. But this night is also a big one because it’s one of the last ever gigs at Cloud City. If I interpreted the M+N forum post correctly, it appears a subletting agreement gone awry has led to its downfall. It’s a real pity, because, despite the poor insulation, Cloud City is a really neat little venue

Architecture in Helsinki
@Cloud City
Saturday, 5pm + 9pm (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday the 25th

Earlier in the year, Melbourne audiences were treated to a couple of shows from David Kilgour, a member of The Clean, one of Sheep ‘n Kiwi Land’s most influential post-punk groups. This week, another member Robert Scott is in town, and tonight you can catch him at the Rob Roy along with angry arty grunge punkers Batrider who won’t be so angry tonight cause its their acoustic show. Also supporting is Kirsty Stegwazi under pseydonym Hand Hell.

In the next postcode it’s the last instalment of the August residency from sonic pop collective Good Intentions, and with them is a blast from the past, Brisbane’s Screamfeeder, as well as Seagull, a emerging singer-songwriter who creates ambient soundscapes ala Machine Translations.

Good Intentions + Screamfeeder + Seagull
@The Tote, 8pm, $5

Houlette + Phil Gionfriddo
@Old Bar

Robert Scott + Batrider (acoustic) + Hand Hell
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $10

Sime Nugent
@The Gem, 9pm, free

Thursday the 26th

Head on down to the Prince tonight for a free gig promoting But you need to register by tonight if you’re keen, although I’m sure lots of people who registered won’t turn up so you can probably get in if you just show up anyway. Not only free but a great lineup of local rockers.

Over at The Evelyn, bring back some memories of ten or so years ago not only with ScreamfeederResidency, but also Even, who play an increasingly rare local show.

But the options don’t end here either. Literate and whimsical breezy Beatlesque pop from UK’s The Clientele at East Brunswick Club along with Bob Scott and new Popboomerang kittens Summer Cats. At NSC clever lyrics and introspective folk tunes from Bedroom Philosopher and band along with dramatic gothic glam alt-pop from Plastic Palace Alice and druggy psych pop boogie from The Great Apes.

Not sure what Nina Nastasia and Jim White (Dirty Three) do but I’m guessing it will be dark textured and a bit experimental. Try the Toff in Town if you want to give this a go. Grand Salvo is there too.

If none of the above go to Gertrudes for modern folk experiments, or for those on the Southside try Revolver for cheap drinks and decent bands.

The Bedroom Philosopher+ The Great Apes + Plastic Palace Alice
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10

The Clientele (UK) + Robert Scott (NZ) + Summer Cats
@East Brunswick Club, 8pm, $26+bf

Digger and the Pussycats
@The Tote – Cobra Bar, 9:30pm, $5

Cmon Cmon
Even + Screamfeeder + The Warm Guns
@The Evelyn

Nina Nastasia and Jim White + Grand Salvo
@The Toff, 9pm, $26+bf

Owls of the Swamp + Seagull + Jona Byron and Band

Paper Planes + Town Hall + My Volcano
@Bar Open, 9pm, free

Faster Louder Gig
Rocket Science + Children Collide + Shooting at Unarmed Men + Jarvis
@Prince Bandroom, 8pm, Free

Tic Toc Tokyo + Bachelor of Arts + Near Your House
@Revolver, 8pm, $6

Friday the 27th

Quite a few options tonight also. Eddy Cuz and Co at the East with some angry Danes (and angry Aussies). The Tom Waits tribute at Old Bar will be one for the fans, The Seabellies have a huge wrap from North of the border. They’re at the Espy. Gertrudes have a bunch of acoustic and electric indie pop stuff. Dramatic guitar tunes from Wellyn and SubAudible Hum at the Tote. One of the final ever shows from Japanese punk rockers Mach Pelican at the Espy. Folky roots pop from Duckdive at NSC, contempoarary singer-songwriters at Rob Roy, melodic melancholic country and folk at idgaff and The Toff.

Airbourne + Bugdust + Blackguns
@Corner, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

The Boy Who Spoke Clouds + North Atlantic Audio + Tim McMillan
@Idgaff, $6

Braindead Lovers + Transformer + Sake Sake
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $8

Brendan Welch + Joni Lightning + Buckley Ward
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $8

Album launch
Duckdive + Skipping Girl Vinegar + The Triangles
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10

Eddy Current Suppression Ring + Gorilla Angreb (DAN) + Straightjacket Nation + The Focus (*)
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $10+bf

The Gin Club (QLD) + The Spoils
@The Toff, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Hazel Brown + Ainslie Wills + Seagull + Nick Huggins
@The Evelyn, 9pm, $8

EP launch
Humansixbillion + New Estate + Flywheel + Josh Armistead
@Gertrudes, 8:30pm, $8

Mach Pelican + The Cants + The Wellingtons + Urville
@The Espy Front Lounge, Free

Made Austria + Casio Nova + Mollinger
@Afterdark, 9pm

Nighthawks: A Tom Waits Tribute
The Sliding Electric + Sons of Lee Marvin + Palace Flophouse + Clinkerfield + The Black Swans of Trespass +Brothers Grim
@Old Bar, 8:30pm, $10

The Seabellies (NSW) + Plastic Palace Alice + Spargo
@The Espy Front Bar, Free

single launch
Wellyn + SubAudible Hum + The Red Tree + Amaya Lauricia
@The Tote

Saturday the 28th

If you can't make it to gig of the week then there should be a few other gigs to keep you interested. I like the Old Bar a bit angry a bit dancy a bit experimental. Something for everyone. Another show for Screamfeeder, and they have Little Red as support. A chance to catch the new Khancoban lineup (including Pete from Sodastream) is the highlight of the quieter gigs, while the pumping electro rock of Lost Valentinos and the NSC gigs will also be of interest to many.

Batrider + Karate Party + Popolice + Big Cats + Ouch My Face
@Old Bar,

Khancoban + Pitching Woo + Vicuna Coat
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $8

Lost Valentinos (NSW) + Starky (NSW) + Mission Control
@East Brunswick Club, $15+bf, 8:30pm

The Night Terrors + Spod + Red Light Union + Love Is Science Fiction
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10

Negative Waves
@Pony, 2am, Free

Nina Nastasia and Jim White + Ned Collette Band
@NSC, 9pm, $26+bf

Potential Falcon + The Great Apes
@The Tote Front Bar, 5pm, free

Screamfeeder + Little Red + Oh Mercy + Warm Guns
@The Espy

Click Click
Treetops + Streetlight (WA) + The Seabellies (NSW)
@Brown Alley, 9pm, $14/$10

Winterpark + Jarvis
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $10

Sunday the 29th

Four very decent options here. My favourite is the mini fest at the Tote, but also there will be a noisy farewell to Cloud City, and a good range of pop n rock acts at Bar Open and Rob Roy

Gorilla Angreb (DAN) + The Focus
@Cloud City, 7pm

Little Athletics + Spun Rivals + Gareth Eunson and the Graveyard Sons + Howl at the Moon + Fossett & Badger
@Bar Open, 5pm

Streetlight (WA) + The Seabellies (NSW) + Tetrode Kink + Macaca Mulatta
@Rob Roy, 4pm, $7

Wash Winter’s Willys Away With Whiskey
Clinkerfield + Silver City Highway + The Violent Mood Swings + The Idle Hoes + Kim Volkman + Jordie Lane + Gareth Eunson and the Graveyard Sons + The Gin Club + Halfway
@The Tote, 3pm, $12

Tuesday the 31st

Carus (solo) + Austin
@East Brunswick Club, 8pm, $12+bf

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Us Vs Them - Friday August 3

Next Friday night August the 3rd is the date for the fourth installment of Us Vs. Them, an occasional band night at Roxanne in Coverlid Place, Chinatown. To date there have been some very impressive acts performing at Us Vs. Them including Deloris, You Will Die Alone, Bit By Bats, Laura and SubAudible Hum. Next Friday's lineup is probably the best yet, featuring:

Panther (USA)
Love of Diagrams

Us Vs. Them have been kind enough to offer us a free double pass to giveaway to this event (valued at $30+bf).

If you're interested, email us at by 6pm Monday the 30th of July. In your email we want to hear about a few local acts you have really enjoyed seeing live in the last twelve months. You can tell us why if you want, but if you can't be assed then don't bother. We'll choose one of you to be the lucky recipient of the double pass. Haven't decided what sort of response we will select. It might be because you lead us to our new favourite band, 'cause we dig your tastes, or could be 'cause you're the only who sends us an email. Hope to hear from you.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: July 18 to July 24

Wednesday the 18th

Another installment of the Good Intentions residency tonight, this time with a bubbly burst of pop energy from talented newbies Oh Mercy and Little Red. Acoustic country group Potential Falcon begin a big week of shows with their show at Bar Open, while the Houlette residency also continues just round the corner at Old Bar. But the Arthouse is probably the place to be tonight with My Disco on the bill.

Chuck Jenkins
@The Standard, 9pm, Free

Envy + My Disco + Brisk + Art Vandelay
@The Arthouse

Good Intentions + Oh Mercy + Little Red
@The Tote, 8pm, $5

Houlette + guests
@Old Bar, 9pm

Potential Falcon + Tom Woodward + The Tiger and Me
@Bar Open, 8pm, Free

Sime Nugent
@The Gem, 9pm, Free

Thursday the 19th

The NSC gig really stands out to me tonight with US tourists Charlemagne treating Melbourne to summery warped guitar tunes and supported by our own slice of indie, with surfy lofi hooks from Panel of Judges and hushed lullabies from Grand Salvo. Over at Stop.Drop.Roll the X comeback trail continues, and they have the tender yet tortured tales from The Bulls as one of the supports.

Elsewhere, Gertrudes has a few different shades of indie guitar pop, Rob Roy a few shades of artsy rock, raw and primal rock at the Tote (where else???), new wavish rock at Ding Dong, and just rock at the Espy Front Bar. Digger's residency continues at Cobra Bar, Little Red headline C'mon C'mon, while The Public Bar at the Espy is the night's best option for laid back sounds headlined by Potential Falcon who back up after Wednesday and Sydneysiders Dead Letter Chorus who start their Melbourne tour playing their modern shantiesh folk.

Charlemagne (USA) + Panel of Judges + Grand Salvo
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10+bf

@The Gem, 9pm, Free

Crystal Thomas + Matt Green + Les Fleurs Du Mal + Kim Volkman
@The Greyhound

Thousand Cuts
Dead Frenchmen + Big Cats + Quiet The Few
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $7

Digger and the Pussycats
@The Tote – Cobra Bar, 9:30pm, $5

Fearless Vampire Killers + Benzene + The Drives
@The Espy Front Bar, 8pm

The Fit + Y + Bachelor of Arts
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $6

The Holy Soul (NSW) + The Bakelite Age + Negative Waves (SPA) + The Travis Hooper Experience
@The Tote, 8pm, $7

Les Fancy Boys + Talkshow Boy + Macaca Mulatta

C'mon C'mon
Little Red + The Sneaker Trio
@The Evelyn

Peavine Special + Palace Flophouse
@Blue Tile Lounge

Potential Falcon + Dead Letter Chorus (NSW) + The Bitter Sweethearts + King Tebbutt and Whistler
@The Espy Front Bar, 8pm, Free

The Shake Up (NSW) + The Brutals + Brilliant Fanzine
@Gertrudes, 8pm, $6

TV for Cats + Paint Me a Phoenix + Slight of Build
@Afterdark, 9pm

X + The Bulls + Earthquake in Tokyo

Friday the 20th

Tonight's choice is unlikely to be made until the clock strikes 8. Perhaps the twin drum attack of the super version of Aleks and the Ramps might be your choice, but not just for them but also to see Extreme Wheeze with band. But if feeling like dealing with your work frustrations in a less jocular way, the Cobra Bar might be where you head. All acts feature highly regarded local acts who play very rarely, Witch Hats' drummer is here with solo project Drunk Hands, as is Geelong's finest underground loop pedal extraordinaire Chris Smith and another Karl E. Scullin project St. Helens.

Then again, if you didn't catch Charlemagne on Thursday he is playing at Forepaw, and with Kirsty Stegwazi who hasn't played locally for an eternity it seems (under her real name, anyway). The Corner gig has some new wavy Jrock, but if you want to head here it might be an idea to book ahead cause this one might sell out. The Kings of Leon clones Whiskey Go Go's are doing NSC, and they have with them, SubAudible Hum and also the violent and confrontational blues punk of Sailors and Swine who come highly recommended from this site. Also worth catching is James McCann who has scored a support slot for Magnolia Electric Co. when they play next month. Tonight he is playing at the Greyhound

Farewell and Hello Show
Aleks and the Ramps + Extreme Wheeze and the Nasty Coughs + Scissors for Sparrow
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $8

Charlemagne (USA) + Kirsty Stegwazi + The Shivers (USA)
@Forepaw, $8

Dead Letter Chorus (NSW) + Goodbye Motel + Brian Campeau + Agnes Kain

Drunk Hands + St. Helens + Chris Smith
@The Tote Cobra Bar, 9pm, $5

Expatriate + Bit By Bats + Dance With Voices
@The Corner, $12+bf, 8:30pm

The Holy Soul (NSW)
@Town Hall, 10pm, Free + @Pony, 2am, Free

James McCann and the Dirty Skirts
@The Greyhound

Mouse Trap Replica + Ichabod's Crane + Justin Ashworth’s Music To Fall Asleep To
@Afterdark, 9pm

San Lazaro
@The Toff, 9pm, $12+bf

Six Ft Hick + Russian Roulettes + The Dead South
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $10

single launch
Whiskey Go Go’s + SubAudible Hum + Sailors and Swine
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Saturday the 21st

You can't go wrong at a benefit, and the Fitzroy Town Hall hosts a pretty decent guitary lineup tonight. Elsewhere, Batrider will hurt some people at Pony with their angry blues rock. Songs, songs and more songs at IDGAFF, with the hard-working D Rogers, and another good night at the city's newest indie night, Sideshow. Bit of a southside "eclectic" gig at the Espy, but best on that side of the river has to be the all-star lineup at Revolver - not sure how one melds pounding math-rock, sweet folky tunes and electro-dub but I'm sure they'll try.

And yeah, the soccer's on, Australia v Japan so don't miss that grudge clash. But gig of the night is The Smallgoods at the NSC. Their first band show for a while is supported by Ned Collette and his newly coalesced band, who're going from strength to strength, despite not having a formal name. Watch the football in the back bar during breaks.

Batrider + Daisy Buchanan + Badcop Badcop + Deathbag

The Blow Waves + The Gingers + Y
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $10

East Timor Music Benefit
Blueline Medic + SubAudible Hum + Dardanelles + Runaway Boys + Girl vs. Ghost + more
@Fitzroy Town Hall, 2pm-8pm, $12+bf

D. Rogers + The Triangles + Ned and the Meds
@Idgaff, 9pm

Hellogoodbye (USA) + The Lucksmiths + Capeside
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $39.60+bf

Sideshow @ CBD
Little Athletics + Talons + Kill Boogie
@McKillop Lane, $12

Mark Seymour
@The Toff, 9pm, $25+bf

Martin Martini and the Bone Palace Orchestra + Baron Samadhi + Describe Eliza + The Commas
@The Espy Front Bar, 8pm, Free

Mollinger + Talkshow Boy + The Purple Duck
@Afterdark, 9pm

My Disco + The Small Knives + Fabulous Diamonds
@Revolver Upstairs, 9pm, $8+bf

Old Man River + Cuthbert and the Night Walkers + Lisa Mitchell
@Manchester Lane, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Potential Falcon + Dead Letter Chorus
@The Tote Front Bar, 5pm, Free

The Shivers (USA) + Ainslie Wills + The Kites
@Old Bar, 9pm, Free

single launch
The Smallgoods + Ned Collette Band + Emily Ulman
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Sons of Lee Marvin + The Holy Soul (NSW)
@The Greyhound

Sunday the 22nd

Hellogoodbye (USA) + The Lucksmiths + Capeside
@The Corner, 12:00pm, $39.60+bf

Justin Ashworth's Music to Fall Asleep To + David Shea + Mouse Trap Replica
@Bar Open, 8pm

Happy Birthday Wilson
The Vandas
@Idgaff, 2pm

Monday the 23rd

Blonde Redhead (USA) + Love of Diagrams + St Helens
@Hi-Fi Bar, 7:30pm, $40+bf

Tuesday the 24th

Liam Finn (NZ) + Emily Ulman
@East Brunswick Club, 8:00pm, $12+bf

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: July 12 to July 17

Bit late this week. Sorry. Seemed like a typical Wednesday night anyway. A few residencies that you can catch next week. A few acoustic singer- songwriters. Not much else.

Thursday the 12th

First to mention is the Dinosaur Jr gig, and not just 'cause they're supposedly one of the most of the influential noisy guitar bands ever, but also because they've gone with some great local supports. Eddy Current Suppression Ring is one, the other is dense soulful devastating instrumental post-rock duo Radiant City. The next best but first best for price is the Gertrude's gig where Ned Colette is headlining, playing his first gig after returning from Europe as support for none other than Joanna Newsom. Ned is playing a host of gigs in the next couple of months including a Thursday residency in September at the Edinburgh Castle, seems to be playing with a band from now on, and will be supported at this gig by two gorgeously quiet and tuneful folkies.

Elsewhere, grimy art rockers, Bachelor of Arts launch their single at Bar Open, cheap booze with electro ambience at Glasshouse (???), ex Art-Brut man, Chris Chinchilla takes new thing Macaca Mulatta to another venue, ex Midnight Oilers are on at Northcote Social Club, indie rockers at The Espy and The East, gothic new wavers at Filla, another 60s revivalist group The Shoes headline Cmon Cmon, Tote stalwarts Digger and the Pussycats continue their residency at Cobra Bar, and another option for quieter acoustic sounds at Old Bar

Anonymeye + ii + Shoab Ahmed and Man Killed
@Glasshouse, 8:30pm, $6

Bachelor of Arts + Bakelite (CAN) + Hotel Wrecking City Traders + Bang! Bang! Aids
@Bar Open. 9pm, Free

Chinook + The Duelling Aunts
@Cornish Arms, 9pm, Free

Digger and the Pussycats
@The Tote – Cobra Bar, 9:30pm, $5

Dinosaur Jr + Eddy Current Supression Ring + Radiant City
@The Forum, 8pm, $51.70+bf

Ghostwriters + Dallas Frasca + Jack Howard
@NSC, 8:30pm, $18+bf

Kinematic + Chuck Jenkins
@Manchester Lane, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Macaca Mulatta + Chase Ego + Darkest Heartstrings
@Pony, 9pm

Man Bites God + Clinkerfield + The Scholars
@East Brunswick Club, 8pm, $12

Mojo Rising + New Rules for Boats (WA) + The Battery Kids (SA) + Master Cardinal
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, Free

Ned Collette + Talamere + Let’s Not (But Say We Did) (*)

Schadenfreude + Y + Jades of July
@Revolver, 8pm, $6

Cmon Cmon
The Shoes + Le Shlonk + Mt Augustus
@The Evelyn

Tom Woodward (ACT) + Owls of The Swamp + Earl Leonard
@Old Bar, 9pm

Friday the 13th

The third instalment of Us Vs. Them is on tonight at Roxanne and they’ve come up with the goods again. Laura will provide a wall of sound, SubAudible Hum the atmospheric guitar theatrics and Aleks and co. with costumes, hyperactivity and general craziness. At NSC post-rockers International Karate launch their greatly underrated new wave influenced third record, while also in Northcote at Afterdark, Extreme Wheeze hits the stage with his interesting brand of DIY acoustic guitar pop. The Tote has a great lineup too tonight with some Aus alt country acts, hiphop star Macromantics headlines at Revolver, some indie folk popsters visiting from Queensland are at Gertrudes, louder darker arty rock at Old Bar, and Heeney and Birchall at Wesley Anne

Bang! Bang! Aids! + Blacklevel Embassy + Grand Fatal + To The North (QLD)
@Old Bar, 9pm

The Darling Downs + Crystal Thomas and Les Fleurs Du Mal + Black Pony Express + Joni Lightning
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $12

Dynamo + Tash Mints
@Bar Open, 10pm, free

Emma Heeney + Ben Birchall + Tess Hildebrand
@Wesley Anne, 8:30pm

Extreme Wheeze + Look! Bird! Lament! + Rialto Decibel Choir + Let’s Not (But Say We Did)
@Afterdark, 8pm

EP Launch
The Follow (NSW) + The Mares (NSW) + Foxx On Fire
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $10+bf

album launch
International Karate + Princess One Point Five + The Dead Sea (NSW)
@NSC, 8:30pm, $10

Us Vs. Them
Laura + SubAudible Hum + Aleks and the Ramps
@Roxanne, 8pm, $10

Macromantics + Catcall + Miami Horror + Sleater Brockman
@Revolver, $12+bf

Mt Augustus (QLD) + A Man Called Son (QLD) + Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth

Saturday the 14th

A pretty big Saturday for Melbs. Of interest to many will be the Toff gig where the pschyojangly pop group Belles Will Ring are launching their critically acclaimed debut album. Two upandcoming local acts are with them. Also of interest to those for an injection of indie guitar pop are the Revolver, Pony and Espy gigs all with more than a couple of great acts on the bill. For those with a more typical dirty, grimy yet arty Melbourne rock tastes go to Afterdark in the afternoon then head for the Tote Cobra Bar, or perhaps the second instalment of Sideshow@CDB. Or perhaps both? Sideshow bands don’t start until 11. For rock canines and swines the Nation Blue are also playing a free show at the Espy, and art-prog AMP nominees Knives of Neptune headline at Rob Roy. Easy going country folk will probably follow up the Potential Falcon residency with a counter meal and then Lisa Miller and friends at NSC, while newer new wave rock fans will like the lineup at the East. If you fancy indie folk then Afterdark is worth a try. Underground sounds at Forepaw too.

Albert’s Basement
Touch Typist + Our Hands in Grey + Let’s Not (But Say We Did) + Fickle Beasts + Mt. Augustus + Dance Contest
@Forepaw, 5pm

Belles Will Ring (NSW) + Little Red + Plastic Palace Alice

@The Toff, 9pm, $10+bf

Dardanelles + Tic Toc Tokyo + Teenagers in Tokyo (NSW) + Mission Control + Ouch My Face
@East Brunswick Club, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Dead Frenchmen + Brilliant Fanzine + Chinook + Summer Cats
@Revolver, $10

The Follow (NSW) + The Rocketsmiths + The Basics + Major Major
@The Espy Front Bar, 9pm, Free

Hand Hell + Batrider (acoustic) + Bang Bang Aids! + Hotel Wrecking City Traders
@The Tote Cobra Bar, 9pm, $8

Knives of Neptune + Somersault + The Mares (NSW) + Slight of Build
@Rob Roy, 8pm, $8

Lisa Miller + Matt Walker and Ashley Davies
@NSC, 8:30pm, $15+bf

Mt Augustus (QLD) + Fickle Beasts + Let’s Not (But Say We Did) + more

The Nation Blue + Coue Method + Between the Devil and the Deep + Daysworth Fighting
@The Espy Front Bar, 8pm, Free

New Estate + Mid State Orange + New Rules For Boats (WA) + The Brutals

New Memes + A Man Called Son (QLD) + Pat Elliott
@Afterdark, 9pm

The New Black + Spun Rivals
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $10

Potential Falcon + Jordie Lane
@The Tote Front Bar, 5pm, Free

EP Launch
Quebec + Worms of the Earth + Quiet Steps + To the North
@The Tote, 9pm, $8

Regina Spektor
@Regent Theatre, 7pm, SOLD OUT

Rhythm Bell + Kids With Guns For Hands + Red Light Union
@McKillop Lane, $12

Young Breeder + Spider Goat Canyon + Man Killed
@Afterdark, 2pm, $5

Sunday the 15th

CD Launch
Devil Goat Family String Band + Redfish Bluegrass
@East Brunswick Club, 3:30pm, $15/$25 inc. CD

Humansixbillion + Blessington + Great Earthquake + Look! Bird! Lament!
@Bar Open, 8pm

Mineral Springs + Macaca Mulatta + Dance Contest + Go Genre Everything
@The Tote, 6:30pm, $6

Young Husband + Kathematics + Teko
@Rob Roy, 4pm, $5

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wagons - LIVE

A few months ago in our post about decent local live acts we posted about Wagons, a country-rock sextet who I saw perform at Festa El Cheapo back in March at the Retreat. Recently, I have had the pleasure of seeing Wagons again and, for me, they have a live show which is one of the most entertaining from a local act at the moment.

The centrepiece of the band is a podgy, dishevelled, bespectacled character who goes by the name of Henry Wagons - lead singer and acoustic guitarist. Even if their music wasn’t very good it would be worth the price of entry just to see him perform. Part of the humour is ironical, funny because we’re seeing a educated slightly slobbish Melbournian singing trad country tunes. There is also an ironical chuckle from Henry’s serenading of an audience member during one of the group’s power ballads, and from the band’s experimentation with more ‘modern’ musical genres. The rest of the laughs comes from Henry’s banter. He has a dry self deprecating sardonic tongue and no-one is off limit - including the audience. But it's all in good fun, and he comes across as a witty, intelligent and likeable guy. His bandmates seem to appreciate him too even if they're also sometimes the butt of his jokes.

But this is not a band purely for comic relief – they also write some super tunes. The lyrics are poetic, and come from a dark place on the frontier where outlaws rule, death must be avenged, and souls are sold to the devil. Then there are the songs. There are no flat spots, but my favourites at this stage are toe tappin’ numbers such as High Rollin’ and an ode to country music legend Willie Nelson (a Wayfearing Strangers cover) where Henry rocks back and forth in a stomp fervently strumming his acoustic guitar. The band barely miss a beat too. The guitar solos from Richard Blaze soar. The washboard solos from Mark Dawson and Cy ‘The Philanthropist’ crackle. The falsetto backing harmonies from the Hassett brothers are pitch perfect and Henry’s crooning baritone is magnificent. You won’t be disappointed with this band.

Wagons are playing tonight at Hells Kitchen.

They have released two albums, 2002’s Trying To Get Home (Chapter) and 2004’s Draw Blood (Spunk). Both appear to be out of stock. Their next album will be released mid-August. Expect a range of shows from Wagons around this time.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: July 4 to July 10

Probably no gig of the week this week, but, still, there's no shortage of gigs on. Starting with this evening...

Wednesday the 4th

A great night for the first Wednesday in July. My pick is the gig at Ding Dong where there is avant-garde sonic grunger Dane Certificate, along with lo-fi popster Popolice and post punk/rockers Readers' Wives who play their last for a while, possibly ever. If this doesn't appeal, there's a bunch of quieter gigs in Fitzroy and at the Wesley Anne - the pick of which is at Bar Open with the tender and gorgeous tunes of Royal Chord along with some decent supports. If not, the power pop 'n roll of Good Intentions at their Tote residency might cheer you up. Great support for them too from the cold and dense tones of Dead Frenchmen. Elsewhere, there's always the Espy, or see some old hats over on Chapel St.

Amaya Lauricia
@The Standard, 9pm, free

Kashmir Nights
Dane Certificate + Popolice + Readers’ Wives
@Ding Dong, 9pm, $5

The Good Intentions + Dead Frenchmen + Love Is Science Fiction
@The Tote, 8pm, $5

Houlette + special guest
@Old Bar, 9pm, Free

Ouch My Face + Firebyrd + The House of Slunk
@The Espy Front Bar

Royal Chord + Khancoban + Josh Armistead
@Bar Open, 8pm, Free

Spidey and Whitt (Spiderbait) + Mary and Adalita
@Revolver Upstairs, Free

Tom Woodward + Earl Leonard
@Wesley Anne, 8pm, $5

Thursday the 5th

A difficult choice tonight. For something older, head to the Greyhound to see Bad Seed Conway Savage mix it up with seminal Aus hard rockers X, who are playing some tunes in support of a re-released record. If you're up for trying newer sounds, then there is melodic and driving instrumental rock with Bury the Sound at Pony, or perhaps the electro rock and disco groups at Filla. If you're looking for a taste of another era, then The Basics and Little Red are on again, the former with a couple of jokey folkies, the latter with relaxed harmonies from indie country pop group, The Brutals. If you're after bluesy music, then at Gertrudes you can see Palace Flophouse do it in a garagey rock kindaway while Digger and the Pussycats at Cobra Bar are a bit more brutal and raw.

But, if none of this appeals look no further than the Afterdark, with French guitar popster, Ladybird, and melancholic acoustic and piano lo-fi sweetness from Light Music Club, spot a couple of Mann brothers down at Manchester Lane, or just listen to some post modern inner suburban Melbourne rhymes from Talkshow Boy at Cmon Cmon.

The Bedroom Philosopher + The Basics + Scott Edgar and the Universe
@The Tote, 8pm, $8

EP launch
Bury the Sound + Esbatu + DJ Cam Farrar
@Pony, 9pm

Conway Savage + Kim Volkman + X
@Greyhound Hotel, 8pm

Digger and the Pussycats
@The Tote – Cobra Bar, 9:30pm, $5

Ladybird + Light Music Club + Biddy Conor
@Afterdark, 8pm, $5

Lemonsmile + Future Love + Superfunhappyband

Little Red + The Brutals
@Glasshouse, 8pm, $6

The Orbweavers + Oliver Mann + luluc
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $10

Palace Flophouse + Peavine Special + Femur
@Gertrudes, 8:30pm, $6

Cmon Cmon
Talkshow Boy + The Dead South
@The Evelyn, 8:30pm, $8

Tobias Cummings + The Dawn Collective + Blessington
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, Free

Friday the 6th

Eddy Current Suppression Ring are back and this time they'll be playing in front of the cool kids down at Roxanne. Get in early because this is likely to be pretty popular. Ramshackling indie pop dudes New Estate are on at the Old Bar, dance to some urgent rock rhythms with Tic Toc Tokyo at Gertrudes, become involved in the theatrical experimental show of Red Paintings at The East, or down a few whiskeys with the Australiana alt country and bluesy lineup at idgaff. Elsewhere, you can support community radio by paying an your entry fee to the Afterdark or support guys with acoustic guitars at NSC. Most interesting gig tonight could be at the Corner, but not just to see Magic Dirt's slightly altered direction, more to witness the reaction when JP Shilo(???) takes the stage. A very interesting choice for support!

Also, according to Beat, Black Cab and International Karate are supporting a band called MBR at HiFi Bar. Neither of their myspace sites have any info about this so I didn't put this in the gig guide. Hmmmmm?

Black Boned Angel (NZ) + Agonhymn + Agents of Abhorrence + Firewitch
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10

Single Launch
The Black Popes + Etherland + Sons of the Sun
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $5

Des Peres + Made for Chickens By Robots + Marcelle and the Blow Waves
@Bar Open, 10pm, free

Eddy Current Suppression Ring + The Dead Farmers
@Roxanne, 9pm, $10

I Heart Hiroshima + Regular John + Love Is Science Fiction + Orsan Eskabar
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, Free

Junior Anti Sex League
@Forepaw, 9pm

3CR Benefit
Lakes of Russia + Through Lost Hope + Anonymeye + A. Wallace
@Afterdark, 9pm, $5

Magic Dirt + Young and Restless + JP Shilo + Spider Vomit
@The Corner, $19.80+bf, 8:30pm

album launch
Mick Hart + Dave Mann + Lincoln and Dallas + Dom Cooley
@Northcote Social Club, $10+bf, 8:30pm

New Estate + The Bad Luck Charms + Ladybird (FRA)
@Old Bar, 9pm, $6

Not Too Far + The Butcherbirds + Silent Reprise + Viva Computer Social Union (2am)
@Pony, 9:30pm

The Red Paintings + Loopstation (USA) + Battle Circus
@East Brunswick Club, $12+bf, 8:30pm

Silver City Highway + Crystal Thomas and Les Fleurs Du Mal + James McCann and Jo Brockman
@IDGAFF, 8:30pm, $6

Tic Toc Tokyo + Sailors and Swine + The Gems
@Gertrudes, 8:30pm, $8

Saturday the 7th

Low Transit Industries are launching a new website offering downloads, merchandise and other stuff, and tonight they're hosting a celebration down at the Corner with the cream from their label. Another launch of sorts is a new Saturday night indie club in the city, Sideshow@CBD, apparently taking the spot of a former goth club, and run by the team from Afterdark. If neither of the above appeals then try and make it out to the house party in Thornbury. Festivities kick off here just after lunch.

But if all you want is a regular gig then there's countryish stuff at the Tote from 5, another 3CR benefit gig at the Afterdark, upcoming eclectic bands at new all ages venue Forepaw on High St, Northcote, hard rockin' times at Old Bar and Roxanne, a range of alt stuff at Ding Dong, and mainly bittersweet alt-rock at Rob Roy. And, before I forget, possibly the best live band in Melbourne are playing at Hell's Kitchen. How do they fit a band in here? Does anyone know? Do they play behind the bar???

67 Special + Skybombers + Young Lovers + The Service
@The Espy Front Lounge, 9pm, Free

7” single launch
Dead Farmers + Negative Waves + Ships Piano
@Old Bar, 9pm

album launch
Downhills Home + The Vandas + Jordie Lane and Liz Stringer
@The Tote, 9pm, $9

The Hovercrafts + Jamie Robbie Reyne and the Paradise Three + Dirty Pink Jeans + Oh Mercy
@Ding Dong, 7pm, $10

House Party
Panel of Judges, Reign of Paranthropus, Hand Hell, Ladybird, Me Mu & Meow, Light Music Club, Rialto Decibel Choir, Viva Computer Social Union, Denim Owl
@House of Mokey, 62 Strettle St, Thornbury, Gold Coin Entry, 1pm

3CR Benefit
The Paul Kidney Experience + Ants + Me Mu and Meow + Grimswoon
@Afterdark, 2pm, $5

Potential Falcon + Sam J. Nicholson
@The Tote Front Bar, 5pm, Free

Click Click
The Scare + Cobra Massive + Orsan Eskabar
@Colonial Hotel, 9pm, $14/$10

single launch
Shooting at Unarmed Men + Legends of Motorsport + A Friend of Mine + Bad Luck Charms
@Roxanne, 9pm, $10

Spider Vomit + Bang! Bang! Aids! + Badcop Badcop
@McKillop Lane, 10pm, $12

LTI Digital Showcase
SubAudible Hum + Souls on Board + New Estate + Kissees Bah Buyee
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $12+bf

single launch
Tobias Cummings and the Long Way Home + The Dawn Collective + Ancient Free Gardeners
@Rob Roy, 8:30pm, $10

Hell's Kitchen, 9:30pm, free

Viva Computer + Junior Anti Sex League + Charles Du Cane
@Forepaw, 9pm, Free

Sunday the 8th

A quietish Sunday except for the Aus. tour show of hip new androgenous glam rock singer songwriter, Patrick Wolf. This should be great. Also will be a good chance to see a rare show from the bleak and wry Sir. Any of the other gigs mentioned here should be worthwhile too.

Oliver Mann + Matt McBeath
@Wesley Anne, 8pm, $5

Patrick Wolf + Sir + Ladybird
@Manchester Lane, 7:30pm, $26/$40 including CD

The Spoils
@Edinburgh Castle 5pm, Free

Sweetheart of the Rodeo (The Byrds Tribute)
The Vandas (solo slots) + Downhills Home + Van and Cal Walker
@Shingles Bar, 8pm

Tuesday the 10th

Finish off the giggin' week with experimental sounds at the Tote

Shoeb Ahmed + ManKilled + M. Rosner and Simon Hampson + Blarke Bayer
@Afterdark, 8pm, Free

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