Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Return to the Rooftops

Hi folks

Thanks for those who left the kind comments on the post below. It’s nice to feel missed.

Just to confirm, it’s unlikely the weekly gig preview will continue. The prep time was just a little too long each week. Damn hard too writing anything original and interesting about the same bands when they play week after week.

BUT don’t fret ladies and gents, ACROSS THE ROOFTOPS IS NOT DEAD. We’ve just been taking a wee lil' break so, when we muster up our combined creative forces and get our shit together then we'll start posting again. Look forward to festival reviews and some end of year theorising over the coming months.


Pat and Dave (The Rooftoppers)


Blogger spun said:

what about recruiting a bunch of doods to write up gigs of bands within their interests, emailing you (hopefully well written) you guys checking to make sure it isn't too obviously just self band promotion, and then posting on the site? write a simple format and ask for those interested to email you for more details. should be able to keep it fresh. I mean, i'm thinking of a few gigs coming up of quality bands i'm interested and wouldn't mind taking a few moments to write something up in exchange for being able to log on on a lonely thursday night and check out whats happening around the place.

yes no?

1:27 am  

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