Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: October 10 to October 16


The Brutals + Schweinhund
@The Empress, 9pm

Band names can be deceiving sometimes. Second week of this Empress residency from this guitar pop group.

The support band features Matt Sigley of The Lovetones and singer-songwriter Marcel Borrack.

Spider Vomit + Panel of Judges + Lazy Stripper
@The Tote, 8pm,

Band names can also be quite apt. It’s the start of another Wednesday residency at the Tote from another band on the rise. This time its cathartic stoner noise quintet, Spider Vomit.


Art of Fighting + Little Red

@Prince Bandroom, 8:30pm, $22+bf

Third local show of the year from the stunningly beautiful and melancholic Art of Fighting. I believe Peggy is singing again live, which should be reason enough to go for anyone who was thinking twice about attending this show.

Icecream Hands + Marisa Yeaman
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $15+bf

An acoustic show from Chuck and co. It will be recorded too, so if all goes well, will be available as a release in the future.

Loene Carmen (NSW) + Gareth Liddiard + Poker Hearts
@The Toff

Raw garagey rock from Sydney singer-songwriter. Her live band includes both members of the Mess Hall which should guarantee a decent show. A solo show too from The Drones' Gareth Liddiard which is increasingly rare these days given The Drones' hectic overseas touring schedule.

Pretty Boy Crossover + Flying Scribble + ii
@Afterdark, 8pm, free

Headline show from the ambient electro duo who occassionally masquerade as two thirds of Mist and Sea.

Cmon Cmon
You Will Die Alone + Popolice + Dom
@The Evelyn, 8:30pm, $8

Two quality local acts who shouldn't need an introduction for regular readers.


The Gin Club (QLD) + Derbeyfield + Loene Carmen (NSW) + Dead Letter Chorus (NSW) + Matheson
@The Espy, 9pm, free

The second visit to Melbourne in recent months from Brisbane folkies, The Gin Club. On their last trip down South, I saw them at the Tote. On the whole they had more than a few decent atmospheric and poignant tunes, and were unquestionably the tightest band on the day. They mix vocalists a bit too which generally worked, although one guy lacked a bit of range and volume.

At their last show, The Gin Club alluded to a poor turnup at their other show at the Toff, so it looks like they’ve gone for the safe option this time – Friday night at the Espy.

Midget (NSW) + Shooting at Unarmed Men + Blacklevel Embassy
@Northcote Social Club, 8:30pm, $12+bf

Regurgitator (QLD) + I Heart Hiroshima (QLD) + New Pants (CHN)
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $22+bf


Flying Scribble + Light Music Club + Denim Owl
@Edinburgh Castle, 8:30pm, $2

Major Major EP Launch + Foxx on Fire + Jerry Falwell and the Gentiles + Detective Social
@Pony, 9:30pm

Plastic Palace Alice + Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers (NSW) + The Rocketsmiths (QLD)
@Rob Roy

So, the Rob Roy as we know it is finishing with the owners failing to renew the lease of the current operators. Coming only months after the closure of the Spanish Club, it’s another nail in the coffin to the once flourishing Fitzroy music scene.

There’s no confirmed word on the owner’s new plans for the venue, but, based on what I've heard, its unlikely that live music is in their plans. It will make that live CD released earlier this year an interesting collector’s item.

In the final show Plastic Palace Alice, who are launching their new video featured on this blog last week. If you haven’t seen them yet, tonight might be a great place to start, cause they’re a band with an intriguing and grand sound, and it’s likely they’ll be playing to a full house tonight.

The Nation Blue + Midnight Woolf + The Currency + Delta Reds
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Even if you’re not into angry raucous rock, it’s hard to disagree that The Nation Blue are one of the best live acts in Melbourne with their violently intense performances. Frontman Tom engages in a bit of behind the head guitar playing action too, and I do like a bit of novelty guitar playing.


Albert's Basement
Love Is Science Fiction + The Psuche Ensemble + Seagull + Look Bird! Lament + The Pots n Pans + A. Wallace + Suamb
@The Tote, 4:30pm, $5

I believe these fundraiser gigs are to raise money to release a compilation vinyl with some of the bands that play at these shows. I’m yet to attend one of these Albert endorsed gigs, but it seems difficult to keep up. Every gig there are another couple of acts I’ve never heard of. The Basement just keeps popping out new bands.

Laura Jean + luluc + Light Music Club
@Manchester Lane, 7pm, $8+bf

Three of Melbourne's most sombre female singer songwriters

Silver Ray + Andrew McCubbin and the Hope Addicts + Danny and Ryan (SubAudible Hum)
@East Brunswick Club, 6pm, $10

A perfect fit for a cold Sunday night. Both The Ray and Andy have new albums out too. Also, an acoustic performance from part of SubAudible Hum to round out the lineup.


Oh Mercy + Simon Moore + Touch Typist
@Manchester Lane, 8pm, $8

Oh Mercy have big wraps on them for a young band, with an Unearthed nomimnation last year, and also having featured in the recent Wireless Bollinger series for upcoming bands. I like what hear on their myspace. Slightly warped but catchy folky pop songs, although from what I saw live a month or two ago they still have quite a bit of room for improvement.

On the other hand, I can highly recommend Touch Typist based on my previous experiences.



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