Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bands 'n Stuff: October 17 to October 23


The Small Knives + Ollie Brown (Art of Fighting) + Ned and the Meds
@Northcote Social Club, 8:30pm, $10

After a plug a couple of days ago for their new record, here’s a chance to catch The Small Knives live. Surely you haven’t anything better to do on a Wednesday?

Spider Vomit residency + The Ancients + Kill Boogie
@The Tote, 8pm, $6


The Dead South + Sailors and Swine + Screwtop Detonators + Hate Club
@Ding Dong, 8pm, $6

Sailors and Swine have an EP out soon which I’m looking forward to, so do the Dead South who actually sound a bit similar to the Swine. Perhaps a bit like Tom Waits meeting The Birthday Party?

Nick Murphy with Shylo + Downhills Home
@Northcote Social Club, 8:30pm, $10+bf

Stop.Drop.Roll - Albert's Basement Fundraiser
Combover + Look! Bird Lament + Morning and the Sleepy Kids + E-Wah Lady
@Glasshouse, 8pm, $5


Light Says Solo EP Launch + Pitching Woo + Little Star + Charge Group (NSW)
@The Tote, 8:30pm, $10

The spacey, melancholic Light Says Solo features Dan Brownrigg who has produced a couple of International Karate albums and also provided on a few tracks. Emmy Heenings wrote a nice piece about Charge Group in the latest edition of Mess and Noise, which has me interested in them. Charge Group also have a gig at Gertrudes on Saturday if you can't make it.

Mia Dyson + Epicure
@The Corner, 8:30pm, $20+bf


Aleks and the Ramps + Charge Group (NSW) + Oliver Mann
@Gertrudes, 8pm

Des Miller (NSW) + Owls of the Swamp + Retail Fireworks
@The Empress, 8pm

Only local gig of this brief visit from this highly regarded Sydney indie singer-songwriter

house party
Bang! Bang! Aids! + Macaca Mulatta + Femur + Spun Rivals
@38 Stafford St Abbotsford, 5pm

The Panics + Whitley + Oh Mercy
@Northcote Social Club, 8:30pm, $17+bf

The Panics have a new album out, Cruel Guards. It’s in their typical brooding and laconic style, but a more lush affair than their last record, Sleeps Like A Curse. I expect fans of The Panics will be very pleased.

Support also from Dew Process labelmate Whitley, who also impressed me with his album launch a few weeks back at the Toff. While he was let down a bit by a rowdy Friday night crowd, the music sounded pretty good with a full band (particularly The Submarine) and Whitley himself possessed a healthy dose of charisma, which suggest he will charm many an audience in the future.

This trio of acts are also playing to a sold out Friday night crowd.

Princess One Point Five + Registered Nurse + Alex Jarvis
@Palookaville, 9pm, free

A Pharmacy Records showcase.

The Unheard (NSW) + Witch Hats + Frowning Clowns
@The Tote, 9pm, $10

Also a show at The Town Hall in North Melbourne for the headline act.

International Karate + My Empires
@Ding Dong, 9pm, $10

This gig also doubles as a Klaxons afterparty so if you're averse to neu-ravers then it might be an idea to head elsewhere after a stellar set from International Karate.


Bulls residency
@Old Bar, 7pm, free

Ce Garage La Country
The Palenecks + James McCann's Dirty Skirt Band + The Great Apes + Jacky Winter + Danny Griffith (SubAudible Hum)+ The Auralees + Matt Kulesza (Good Intentions)+ Shombi Rumbla
@The Tote, 3pm, $10

McCann and his Skirts are a good live act with their raw Australiana. Bombastic and druggy psych glammers, The Great Apes are a quite a bit of fun too. Make sure you get in early for the bbq. Last time I went to a Sunday barbie and gig at the Tote. they were in a bit stingy on the snags.


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