Saturday, January 12, 2008

Favourite Melbournian Albums in 2007

While everyone else seemed to compile their best of 2007 lists before the year had even finished, I thought I would actually wait until the year finished so I could listen to few more local albums in the chance that they might make this highly subjective listing of albums whose release dates (for these purposes at least!) fell within a rather arbitrarily chosen 12 month period. Turned out I didn't listen to much else.

Anyways, here it is...Apologies to all those artists whose albums I didn't actually hear as well as those who released EPs that were also enjoyable (Actor/Model, and You Will Die Alone immediately come to mind here). Long live the album format!

1. Art of Fighting - Runaways

2. Midnight Juggernauts - Dystopia
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3. International Karate - More Of What We've Heard Than We've Ever Heard Before
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4. Wagons - The Curse of Lightning
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5. New Estate - Is This Real?
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6. Pikelet - Pikelet
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7. The Smallgoods - Down on the Farm

8. The Small Knives - Rain on Tin
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9. Devastations - Yes, U
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10. Love Of Diagrams - Mosaic
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Blogger Tommy said:

Ahh – I don’t know – not my style – too --- bland? Or something. I don’t know. Last night I stumbled across a site called woozyfly. com – I found these guys - they are f’in awesome Check them out live here! woozyfly. com/thekin

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Peter Joseph Head said:

How about Kes Grey Goose Wing?

3:26 pm  

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